Confidence of Movement
When one is capable physically of doing what is required in one's world there is a grace of movement that becomes a part of life and translates into an important aspect of beauty.
This grace of movement is cultivated primarily through exercise and physical activity. Some of the noticeable benefits of being physically active are strength, help in weight control, and abilities that serve to help us participate in various life activities, such as sports and simple games.
Frequently most people find themselves in circumstances where it is beneficial to have skills that allow them to do such things as swim, play such games as baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, etc. Being in good physical condition can help us to be ready for those circumstances.
As we can develop our intellect through reading, we can develop our bodies through exercise. Running is a good basic exercise, which burns calories, strengthens the cardio-vascular system, and develops the leg muscles, which are the largest in the body. It also requires very little special equipment, and therefore is a fairly inexpensive and accessible means of becoming more fit.
Weight training is another very effective exercise, particularly when a specific muscle group needs to become stronger or better-developed.
Other forms of exercise can also contribute significantly to our well-being. Swimming is particularly beneficial, while being a fairly gentle way to get into shape, as swimming is not a weight-bearing exercise and doesn't result in injury as often as some other forms of exercise. Ice skating is another form of exercise that is beneficial, and that tends to be a bit more pleasant than running.
There are also many types of exercise equipment available for those who wish to get into shape, as well as many other sports, and below are some links to a few suppliers.
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