Good health contributes heavily to some of the most essential elements of beauty. Shiny hair, white teeth, bright eyes, and a glowing complexion are results of caring for your body. Below are some of the things to consider when enhancing your health and natural beauty.

Grooming habits/Health habits

Skin should be clean, moisturized and, when necessary, protected from the sun. Regular use of a facial cleanser rather than soap will help facial skin be its healthiest, and in winter when skin is dry a liquid or gel cleanser may help skin stay moister than washing with soap. The bottom of the page offers some links to skin care company homepages which may be helpful.

To be its most beautiful, hair needs to be washed, frequently conditioned, and combed. Occasionally hair should be trimmed to prevent ends from splitting, which gives the hair a frizzy, dull appearance.

Along with regular brushing and flossing routine trips to the dentist will help keep teeth their healthiest and most lovely.

Hands are often the most noticeable parts of our bodies, particularly in jobs where the hands are much used. When we are with children or others who depend on our care our hands are in conspicuous use, and their touch, appearance and smell should all be pleasant. Routine manicures and very regular use of hand cream (especially in the winter) will help keep hands lovely, and touchable.

A pleasing fragrance is an important part of good grooming, and can simply be the fragrance of a favorite skin care product, or a cologne.

Adequate rest is crucial to looking and feeling your best. Six to eight hours' sleep each night is probably ideal, with one day each week where no work is scheduled, and an occasional week or two at the beach or somewhere else where you can really relax.

Healthy eating habits are very important for providing your body with critical nutrients, and for maintaining a weight that allows you to be active, healthy and strong.

The most beneficial diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, from which your body gets complex sugar for sustained energy, vitamins, and fiber.

Grains, which contain complex carbohydrates, are also tremendous sources of energy, and provide fiber and vitamins as well.

Fish is the meat which generally is the healthiest choice. Lower in fats (the fats which are contained in fish are helpful) than other meats, fish is light, easy to digest, and rich in vitamins.

Most people would not very much enjoy a diet bereft of a few saturated fats and simple sugars, and a few of those foods are acceptable in moderation. Happy people smile more and therefore are more beautiful than unhappy sad people, and these "less healthy" foods can contribute in a modest way to happiness, so eat them; just not too often or in an over-indulgent way.

To be more certain that your body has minerals essential for proper function and good health, you may take vitamins as well as eating well. Below are some links to homepages of some vitamin supplement companies.

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