Stories for People
who were
Hurt as Children

Help for Children and Child Alters of Dissociative Identity Disorder Sufferers (Multiple Personalities)

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      These pages are excellent for children. They are especially written, however, for adults who were traumatized as children and find that they still have a frightened or hurting child inside of them, who knows less about the liberating truths of the gospel than the adult part of them. Although this can be a startling concept to those unfamiliar with it, it is a normal and quite clever way of the mind coping with a severe trauma to quarantine a hurting part of it from the rest of the person. It enables a person to function without being utterly crippled by the worst memories of past hurts, but that hurting part is not able to intellectually or spiritually grow unless specifically addressed.

      It is suggested that after selecting a page you read it to yourself and make any changes or additions you think best. Such changes can be important because different children who have suffered trauma can have different trigger words. For example, although all crave love – and frequent use of that word can be very helpful for some – some children have heard the word repeatedly used in the context of sexual abuse or cruelty and so the word has gained all the wrong connotations. In this case, substitute “like” or some other word that makes the child feel warm, safe and respected. After modifying the page to your satisfaction, read it to the child.

      People who were traumatized as children could have a part of them trapped in a time warp that is so cut off from the older part of the person that even though the people could be strong Christians, that part of them might have not even heard the basic gospel, much less have yielded to it and be living in the full implications of it. If you are not familiar with this concept, please see Healing Your Inner Child: Surprising Help for People Traumatized as Children.

      A person’s hurting, inner child desperately needs not just love and understanding but to be taught the gospel. If you are a natural teacher of children and have a firm, practical grasp of how the cross of Christ sets us free from all guilt and empowers us against demonic forces, you could possibly do the teaching unaided. Even so, please check these pages. You might find them surprisingly helpful.

      The above is just a sample of the help available. For a full list, see:

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