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The Healing Advantage

Dissociative Identity Disorder Chat Group


The Help You Deserve

DID Chat Group

In an email to the group, one member wrote:

ďYou get what you paid forĒ is an oft-repeated saying that most of the time is true. However, it is NOT true in this group. We get the highest quality support absolutely free.

Iíve never ever seen anything like what we have here. Do we even realize what a gold mine we have here in the Net-burst Dissociative Identity Disorder Chat Group?

Ever since joining, Iíve been able to connect with people in the group in a way Iíve never experienced before. As Iíve made those connections with people, Iíve also connected with feelings. And for the first time in a very long time, I actually feel loved. Each of you has played a very important part in that! I dearly love everyone in the DID Chat Group. It is quite thrilling and edifying to witness what God is doing in each of your lives. It is a true privilege to be able to see the growth and healing taking place in each of you and to know that the same God who is moving in your lives in such a powerful way, is going to move in my life as well. Thank you all for allowing me to travel with you on this journey of healing and growing into wholeness.

We are a team and God gave me an acrostic for the word:

    Trust building
    Eagerness to help
    Accepting one another
    Mindful of each other in prayer

Trust Building

As I have opened up and shared all that is inside my heart and allowed each of my alters to do the same, I have grown in my capacity to trust others. This is largely because each of you has responded to me in such a way as to reflect the Scripture that says. ďThe goodness of the Lord leads us to repentance.Ē You have personified the goodness of the Lord.

Additionally, as each part of me has shared to the core of his/her being, we have finally been able to grow. Because of your response, we no longer fear being open, honest and truthful. As a result, the parts of us that stopped growing at various stages of our lives have begun to grow for the first time in our lives. Consequently, we are growing in our ability to trust and be trusted.

Eagerness to Help

Ever since I joined this chat group, I have been overwhelmed in a good way with how eager to help you have been. Without fail, each time I have shared a painful memory, dream, experience, etc., someone has emailed me with encouragement/prayer. Every email has received a response the same day it was sent; sometimes within minutes. This has produced in me an eagerness and energy to be helpful to others here as well.

Accepting of One Another

I cannot even begin to express how much I treasure your acceptance. It has been a phenomenally powerful experience for me, and my parts. Even the darkest parts of me have exposed themselves to you and received your love and acceptance. For me, this has been an impossible dream come true. Every part of me feels deeply thankful to each of you for your role in this.

Mindful of Each Other in Prayer

As we have each opened up and shared, the true power to heal and change each of us has come from our God and Father (Papa as we so affectionately refer to him). We have seen each one of you pray for us and have felt the results of those prayers. And we have a lot of strong prayer warriors in this team. What a priceless treasure! And there have been several things shared here that, with permission, Grantley has taken to his overall Net-burst.net prayer team. As some of their prayers were emailed to me, it has brought tears to my eyes. Some of the prayers for me or my parts have melted hearts of stone. Some of those prayers have unbound the chains that satan placed on us. All of the prayers have vanquished the power of darkness in my life.

The Value of Working as a Team

As I have shared the darkness thatís inside, Iíve discovered the powerfulness of the whole group reading those emails and responding to them with love, warmth, and acceptance. As Iíve been accepted by all of you without fail, it has enabled me to accept myself for the first time in my life. Iím not sure even yet that I understand this phenomenon. But it is a fact.

It is so important that we share with each other as a group, rather than individually. It has been my experience that what has been shared with me privately by others has been a heavy burden. But as Iíve seen those of you that have shared those things with me proceed to share them with the group, that heavy burden has become light.

And the more we share with the group as a whole, the more we have potential to grow as a group and individually. We are exposed to a variety of experiences and backgrounds. We therefore have more things to reference in our lives later as we go on to minister to others. Private interaction greatly limits us in this respect.

A Gold Mine

I beg you to realize the gold mine we have here in this Net-burst group. Where else can we truly open up and share the darkest part of us and share the reality of having parts and be fully understood, accepted and loved? Since I joined Net-burst, Iíve done Internet searches, and have yet to find anything like what we have anywhere. We have a man who loves God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength (Grantley) and a woman who likewise loves God (his fiancťe, Vicki), and both of them have a heart that has almost been limitless in loving us as well. I have been amazed at the lengths they go, to see us healed and whole.

The two of them have far more wisdom and insight into health and wholeness than we do. In her own life, Vicki has experienced some of the greatest victories. And Grantley is a one of a kind. I donít believe youíll find anyone out there who has the empathetic abilities that he has to accompany you and your parts on the journey of healing. He has a heart full of compassion for our alters. I have alters who, until we came to Net-burst.net, lived in total isolation and darkness. Grantley has journeyed into their worlds and has taken their hands and led them out of the prison of darkness and isolation into the light, warmth and love of Godís family.

We who have alters are like burning buildings. Everything has been falling apart on the inside. We have become fragmented because of the painful experiences weíve suffered. Weíre broken. With Godís help, Grantley has been a fireman who has gone into our burning buildings and has rescued and snatched our parts out of the fire. And he has no doubt been singed many times by the flames surrounding him.

Vicki has worked ever so faithfully side-by-side with him. She has prayed with us, agonized with us, gone into our burning buildings to rescue our alters, extinguished fires that satan and his demons have started. She has never turned her back on us.

I do not know anyone anywhere who are as generous as Grantley and Vicki. Grantley has the qualifications to charge for his services. Heís written several books that he puts on his website for anyone to read for free. He monitors the activities of our group and is always there for us. He calls several on the phone and spends time with them, helping them through crises. He supports the leadership within our group as they each minister to us in our time of need. And thatís not to mention all the things he does as an evangelist and the other ministries he operates that are in totally different areas.

And oh, Vicki, how I love her. She has spent many hours with me on the phone, IMing with me, praying for me, and has even engaged in spiritual warfare for me. She has given me the most of anyone in a long time, sacrificing time, sleep and comfort countless times for my healing. And thatís on top of moderating for our group, spending countless hours phoning and answering IMs of other group members, and ministering to them. Then she has her own responsibilities for Net-burst.net as a whole. She also works full time, and has family responsibilities. All this, while still being on her own path to healing!

We have two people who have totally given of themselves so that we can have hope, can experience healing, and can come closer to Jesus Christ.

Grantley and Vicki, all of my parts are in agreement that you two are probably the most important people in our lives. Words donít express our gratitude adequately enough.

How to Join the Group

Ensure you agree with our approach to healing by reading Help for Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D.) and the pages it leads to, then e-mail me, Grantley Morris, at healing@net-burst.net

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