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Advantages of Having D.I.D.

Afraid – Fears, Phobias

Afraid of God

Alter, definition

Alters Coming Out at Inappropriate Times

Alters Hurting Other Alters


Anger – Feeling Angry in General

Anger at What One has Suffered

Angry, Nasty or Terrifying Alters

Animals – Alters Who See Themselves as Animals

Anti-Christian Alters

Arguments/Conflict between Alters


Assassin Alters

‘Astral Travel’

Attachments, Dependency

Baby Alters

Backwards – Regressing

“Bad” Alters

Bad – Thinking of Oneself as Bad/Evil

Bad Memories, Flashbacks & Nightmares

Baptism: Should Alters be Baptized Individually

Bedwetting – Toilet Difficulties


Blaming God

Body Memories

Body Time

Bonding, Dependency

Change – Alters Afraid to Change or Reluctant to

Child Alters See Little Alters (older than babies) or Baby Alters)

Choosing a Counselor – Human Support


Communicating with Alters

Conflict/Arguments between Alters


Controlling Dangerous Alters

Conversion Disorder – Apparent Physical Disability


Crime – Fearing you’ve Committed One

Criticism, Hurtful Remarks & People who Don’t Understand

Cross Dressing: Alters Thinking they’re the Opposite Sex

Dangerous Alters


Dead Alters



Dependency – Too Attached to Someone


Detesting Your Alters

Diagnosis: Self-Doubt that You have D.I.D.

Diapers – Toilet Difficulties

Diminished Responsibility

Disability – When Some Alters Seem to have a Physical Disability

Disappear – When Abilities or Alters Vanish


Disliking Your Alters

Disputes between Alters

Dolls, Toys & Play

Doubting You have D.I.D.


Dreams & Nightmares

Dumb – When Alters Can’t Speak

Eating Disorder

Emotional Deadness – Unable to Feel

Emotional Pain, Healing from

Emotions that Don’t Make Sense

Evil Alters

Evil – Thinking of Oneself as Evil/Unforgivable

Evil Spirits – Demons

Explaining D.I.D. to Alters

Explaining D.I.D. to Others

Failure, Feeling a Failure

False Memories

Father God – Problems Relating to

Fearing Integration

Fearing You’ve Committed a Crime

Fearing You’re Going Insane

Fears, Phobias

Fears & Concerns about God

Feelings – Unable to Feel

Feeling Low

Feeling Worse, Rather than Better

Feelings, Understanding &/Or Coping with them

Finding a Counselor/Therapist

Flashbacks, Bad Memories & Nightmares

Forgetting Things

Forgiving One’s Abuser & Others – see Anger

Forgiving Yourself

Fragment or Fully Human?


Gay Alters

Gender Issues: Alters Thinking they’re the Opposite Sex

God – Fears & Concerns about God

God – Why Emphasize Him?



Hating Your Alters

Hating Yourself

Heaven, Sending Alters to Heaven

Haven, Creating a Safe Place

Heal, how to

Healing, the Importance of

Hide – When Alters Hide


Hope, Need Some


Human – Alters Who See Themselves as Non-Human

Humans – Should alters be regarded as fully human?

Human Support

Imagination, Using it to Facilitate Healing

Imprisoning Alters (Keeping Dangerous Alters out of Harm’s Way)


Inner Pain, Healing from

Inner World, Creating a Safe, Healthy One

Insane – Fearing You’re Going Insane

Insomnia, Sleep Problems


Introject Alter

Jesus, the Alter’s Alter

Jesus – Why Involve Jesus/God?


Justice, Wanting

Letting people know you have D.I.D.


Lies Abusers Tell – Exposing Them

Little Alters (Older than Babies) or see Baby Alters

Losing Abilities or Alters

Loss of Time

Love, God’s Love Special for You

Low Self-Esteem

Marital Relations



Memories – Bad Memories, Flashbacks & Nightmares

Memories – False Memories

Memory, Poor – Forgetting Things

Memory – Unable to Recall Trauma

Merging – Integration

Missing: When Abilities or Alters Vanish

Name – Importance of Naming Alters

Negativity – Not Expecting your Life to Get Better

New Alters – Creating New Alters

Dreams & Nightmares

Non-Christian Alters

Non-human – Alters Who See Themselves as Non-Human

Non-humans – Should alters be regarded as fully human?

Numb – Feeling Emotionally Numb

Occult Alters

Opposite Sex, Alters Thinking they’re the Opposite Sex

Pain, Inner – Healing from

Pain, Physical


Persons Should alters be regarded as persons?

Pessimism – Little Hope for a Bright Future

Play, Toys & Dolls


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Potty Training Issues


Protector Alters

Regressing – Getting Worse, Not Better


Restraining Alters (Keeping Dangerous Alters out of Harm’s Way)

Relationships, Complications in Relating to People

Revenge – Wanting Revenge

Ritual Abuse

Safe place, Creating one for alters

Sadistic Ritual Abuse

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Scary Alters

Self-Esteem, Low



Sending Alters to God/Heaven

Sex – Inappropriate Sexual Cravings or Behavior

Sex – Gender

Sex – Marital Relations

Sexual Abuse – Healing From

Silent – When Alters Don’t Speak


Sickness, Physical – Complications with D.I.D.

Sleep Problems, Insomnia

Sleeper Alters

Speechless Alters

Squabbles/Arguments between Alters


Stories for Child Alters

Subhuman – Alters Who See Themselves as Less Than Human



Talk – When Alters Can’t Talk

Teamwork Among Alters

Telling people you have D.I.D.



Time, Loss of

Toilet Difficulties

Toys, Dolls & Play

Trials, Discouragement – the Benefits of Hard Times


Trust Issues

Types of Alters

Unchristian Alters

Unforgivable – Feeling Unforgivable

Unity Among Alters

“Useless” Alters

Weird” Alters

Wicked Alters

Wicked – Thinking of Oneself as Wicked/Evil


Worse – Getting Worse, Not Better

Young Alters

Hard to Alphabetize Issues

Who am I? (Genuinely unsure.)

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

An uncontrollable alter planning something dangerous

How can I explain Dissociative Identity Disorder in an easily understood way that will help people respect me and not think I’m weird?

Despising your alters or the fact that you have D.I.D.

Coping with the loss of a counselor/support person

How can I be sure I have D.I.D.? Is it just my imagination?

When it is unspiritual to refuse human help

Aters who see themselves as someone or something they are not. (The might even assume the identity of their abuser.)

Fearing your future will be filled with disappointments, new sources of pain etc.

Are alters real people?

The key to relief: discovering what mistaken beliefs are tormenting an alter

How can I discover and communicate with my alters?

Why you desperately need every alter

The security, comfort & wisdom of letting Jesus support and guide you through a crisis

Creating a safe haven for alters to retreat to

Sending alters to God

Overly worried about other people’s problems

When what seems to be God, Jesus or an angel is fake

If I tell anyone about what happened to me, I’ll never be believed

Alters who see themselves as less than or better than human

Feelings/Emotions that seem to come from nowhere

When alters can’t speak

How despising yourself can hinder your healing

When something upsets you more than one would expect

Believing yourself to be a liar

I seem to be getting worse!

Too attached to someone?

The danger of alters not knowing that past abuse has ended

Alters believing they are bound to Satan forever

When just some alters seem to have a physical disability

Alters who come out only in extreme situations – known as Sleeper Alters

Headaches, feeling faint etc caused by switching alters

Feeling like I’m watching myself