Invaluable Help:
The Nature & Treatment of D.I.D.

The Most In-Depth yet Easy to Understand Guide: A wealth of tips in understanding & living with D.I.D.

Love One’s Alters? God, the Bible, & Christian Factors in Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder
Critically important because we Christians tend to be so harsh on ourselves that it hinders healing

How to Find Every Alter & Get Each Alter to Talk
Needed by those who are not sure they have spoken to any alter, right through to those convinced they know their every alter

How to Speed Healing
A useful follow-on from the previous link

Building an Invincible Team: “Stronger Together”
Short but valuable

* Quick Help for Every Dissociative Identity Disorder Emergency
You might suddenly need this page, so I strongly recommend you be aware of it, even if you do not immediately read it all

Living With Alters:
I Seem to be Getting Worse!

Angry, Bad, Mean, Nasty Alters (Insiders)

Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis Doubts

When an Alter has Undesirable Sexual Cravings

New: Could ‘Sending Alters to God/Heaven’ Sometimes be Harmful?
Unexpected dangers to what seems a safe practice

New: When your Therapist, or some other Health Professional does not Understand D. I. D.
Applies to doctors, dentists, minor medical procedures such as scans, blood tests, etc

Resolving Conflict Between Insiders

Dissociative Identity Disorder Self-Help: I Hate My Alters

Healing Testimony: When Hating an Alter Turns to Love

Dissociative Identity Disorder: The Pain, Frustration & Cure

God’s Love for Alters: A Sign

Gender Confusion: Help for Opposite Sex Alters

Why I Love My Insiders (Alters)

Play, Dolls & Stuffed Toys in Healing Dissociative Identity Disorder

Coping With Baby Alters, and More

Why I Adore My Friend’s Alters (Insiders)

Caution in Relating to People if you have D.I.D.

How Accountable are Alters? Multiple Personalities & Diminished Responsibility

“Weird” Alters? When Alters See Themselves as Someone or Something They are Not

New: Eating Disorders & Dissociative Identity Disorder

New: When Christians have Anti-Christian Alters

Helping Introject Alters Find Their True Identity

Pages by Alters:
An Alter Meets Jesus

Touching Insights into How to Help Alters

Alters Meet Father God
A Quite Different and Insightful Testimony of Alters discovering God’s Love for Them

Is Jesus Safe? Sexual Issues in Relating to Jesus
Gently Addresses a Common Fear of Many Alters Formed by Sexual Abuse

What Alters (Insiders) Wish their Hosts Knew
An Alter’s Plea to all Hosts

Learning How to Feel, & Enjoy Health
An Alter Learns How to Enjoy Life

God’s Love for Alters
A Word from Jesus to an Alter, For all Alters

When Inner Pain Returns
Help with Emotional Pain

To Protector Alters from a Protector Alter
Understanding Alters who Feel the Need to Protect Other Alters

Dreams, Nightmares & Dissociative Identity Disorder
Short but Helpful

“I Thought I Was the Opposite Sex!”
Help With All the Confusion of Being an Alter

Free Therapy:
Free Therapy / Counseling for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Creating an Internal World & Memory Bank to Speed Healing:
How to Cure Dissociative Identity Disorder

Long and covered in less detail elsewhere but worth reading when you have time

Afraid of God:
Fear of God or Fearing Jesus & Healing Sex Abuse or Dissociative Identity Disorder

Stories for Young Alters
Heartwarming & Healing Stories for Child Alters

Helping You Comfort, Heal, Lead to Christ and Empower Child Alters

God’s Extreme Patience With Alters:
“I Kept Trying to Force God to Reject Me”

Encouraging Testimony of a Man with D.I.D.
(Alters not specifically mentioned but feature strongly)

Satanic Ritual Abuse / Sadistic Ritual Abuse:
S.R.A. Explained

Gender Issues:
Wish You Were the Opposite Sex?

The Positive Benefits of Multiple Personalities:
Does Multiple Personality Disorder Create a Superior Brain?

How to Identify a Good Counselor:
Choosing a Counselor / Finding a Christian Therapist for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Demons & D.I.D.:
Multiple Personalities are NOT Demons!

Imaginary Friends
(The person who battled demons in this testimony has D.I.D.)

Lucid Sex Dreams, Suppressed Memories & Hidden Demons
At testimony with valuable information

See also the Second Link Below

You Can Be the Therapist! (Easy and Highly practical):
Model your approach on real examples of counseling

Leading an Alter to Christ

Real-Life Counseling of a Demon-Possessed Pedophile Alter
Invaluable but lengthy and triggering

Therapy / Help for Abusive Introject Alters / Insiders: How to Cure / Stop ‘Bad’ Alters
Invaluable but lengthy and triggering

Diagnosing D.I.D.:
Psychological Tests to Diagnose Dissociative Identity Disorder

Other Vital Resources

Deepening Your Awareness of God’s Love for You
How Much Does God Love Me? Your Personal Revelation

Can God be Trusted?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Self-Injury, Self-Inflicted Pain
A Cure for Self-Harm

Free Help for Male and Female Survivors of all Forms of Sexual Interference:
Comfort, Understanding & Healing for Abuse Survivors

Help with Any Type of Sex Addiction or Strong Sexual Cravings:
Sexual Abuse & Sex Addiction

Facing the Truth vs Suppression
Positive Confession or Living in Denial?

An End to Guilt

Cure for Guilt

How Not to Fear Anger but Not Let it Destroy You
Revenge! Turning Hate into Healing

Why to Truly Forgive Hinges on Getting in Touch with Your Anger

Coping with Fear, Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Christian Help & Cure

When Things get Tough
Keep following the main link at the end of each page

How to be Positive & Hope-Filled in Oppressive Situations
How to Change your Self-Image

Finding Hope Where There is No Hope

The Surprising Joy of Trials

Your Authority Over Demons
Spiritual Warfare: Turning Spiritual Attack into Victory

Imaginary Friends

Suicide is Not an Option
Suicide Help

Sleep Problems
When Stress & Trauma Cause Sleeplessness

Toilet Difficulties
(Survivors of abusive potty training and those with baby alters
often have difficulties using the bathroom)

Toilet Fear

Porn Filters:
A List of Porn Blocking Software

General Help:
How to Comfort the Hurting

Valuable Links on Many Topics
Hurting? Help, Answers, Support, Hope

Pages in Other Languages:

Personalized support

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