Your Amazing Potential
if you have
Dissociative Identity Disorder

By Grantley Morris

* * *

If you have read How to Find Every Alter & Get Each Alter to Talk
there is no need to read the following, as it is simply an extract from it.




















Of course, not everyone has every ability, but people with Dissociative Identity Disorder are likely to feel certain they do not have certain abilities and yet have those very abilities locked away in a part of their brain that is currently controlled by another alter. These abilities could already be quite developed but if not, they can be developed at remarkable speed.

I am not sure that you can grasp how passionately I wish I had a fraction of the potential for intellectual development found in people who are beginning to discover their alters. For me to not have Dissociative Identity Disorder but to know so many people who do, is like a starving person who cannot eat, acting as waiter at a feast. I would be out of my skin with excitement if I discovered I had alters.

The possibilities are almost limitless and will vary from person to person but the following are some examples that someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder might discover. By connecting with his or her alters, a person might end up with remarkably improved:

    * Eyesight (Example)

    * Manual dexterity

    * Ability to use the non-dominant hand

    * Surefootedness, such as ability to climb rugged terrain

    * Athletic ability

    * Short-term or long-term memory

    * Musical ability

    * Speed reading skills

    * Creative cooking

    * Mathematical ability

    * Direction finding and navigational skills

    * Ability to thoroughly enjoy marital relations

    * Grammar and spelling

    * Creative writing

    * A flair for public speaking

    * Sense of humor

    * Linguistic ability

    * Artistic ability

    * Dress sense

    * Parenting skills

    * Ability to handle stress

    * People skills

    * Freedom from certain phobias

    * Spiritual abilities such as spiritual warfare

    * Special experiences with God

I have no idea which of the above list will apply to you but there are sure to be at least several.