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By Grantley Morris

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In Tune with God: The Quest for Music Miracles

A fascinating book about the ministry of music

'Fresh, funny and gutsy'

So wrote the editor of one of Australia's leading Christian magazines, On Being, about Grantley's writings. Pages listed in this category (to be added to later) fit this description particularly well.

The Spirit-led Ministry: Dare to Break the Shackles

Divinely seeded in you is a ministry potential intended to be a unique expression of God's endless creativity. An hilarious, fast-moving and refreshing look at your precious ministry. Challenging, liberating and life-changing.


Turning Barrenness into Blessing
Hope, when our lives and ministries seem fruitless.

Why are you Anxious About ministry?
Brief, and yet it has powerfully touched people.

Handling Rejection
Bounce back after life's sickening blows. Laughs and inspiration from the lives of famous people, plus a powerful thought that could forever end one's feelings of inferiority.

Too Old? You're Joking!
Stories to inspire us all.

Depressed? You're not alone!
A delightfully reassuring and uplifting series of webpages.

Free Therapy
Serious, do-it yourself healing from emotional pain

Devoloping Your Love Affair With God

Keys to Spiritual Growth A treasure house of helps to spiritual maturity

An Entire Book

Most of the webpages on this site are just brief extracts from a full length book that you can download. If you enjoyed any of these webpages, you'll love the book: Waiting for Your Ministry.

Rediscovering God's love for you

To God, You Are Special Reasons why God favours no one over you.

Handling Guilt The Most Tortured Conscience Can Find Peace
(A whole series of significant webpages.)

Angelic Encounters

Down through the centuries and throughout the world, there are Christians who believe they have had fleeting encounters with angels. This compilation emphasises the musical side of many of these reports. Angels


From Mystery to Ministry: The Role of Sickness in Your Life

There's more to sickness than we generally realise. A refreshing look at one of life's most common problems.

Issues That Make Christians Squirm

Concise, powerful responses to 31 common objections to Christianity. Believers armed with these answers will feel empowered. Referred to elsewhere as the evangelistic page.

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