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For the Glory of Our Lord




Don’t be the missing link!




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It’s easy!

    If the Lord has blessed you through our site . . .

    We ask not for money but for you to bless others spiritually as freely as you have been blessed. Simply copying a page of links to your web space will achieve much. (Even if you have no webpage space, you can easily obtain a free website.)

    The way search engines work means that even if no one visited the page from your site this simple action could bless thousands of people a year who would otherwise miss our entire website. As to why this is, see What makes linking so important?

    For why we ask for the full page of links, see Why not just one link?

    The Page of Links

    Because search engines have lot of quirks it is best that not everyone uses the same page of links. We therefore have produced a choice of 10 versions for your convenience.

    Here’s a list of the pages:

    So that these end up being used roughly equally, we ask that you choose the version according to the last number in the year of your birth. Thus if you were born in 1954, use find4.htm but if you were born 1975, use find5.htm (If that seems too complicated, just ‘randomly’ select one.)

    If unsure about how to copy the webpage, see How do I copy the webpage? Contact your Internet Service Provider if unsure how to place a webpage on your site.

    Let search engines know

    If you have already submitted your site to many search engines, just put a small link on one of your pages to our page of links. Hopefully that should be enough for search engines to find the new page when they next check your site, although submitted the page to search engines could speed the process.

    If you have not submitted webpages to search engines, http://www.submitexpress.com will help you.

    [Confident man]


For the Glory of Our Lord




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What makes linking so important?
Search engines, being mere computers, cannot rank webpages according to how useful the pages are. Instead search engines guess at a webpage’s significance by noting how many different web sites link to that page. Because there could be hundreds of webpage each with the same number of sites linking to them, you placing a link could cause our webpage to be ranked by search engines hundreds higher than it would otherwise be.

A webpage’s ranking with search engines is critical. Who is going to work through hundreds of webpages to find the lower ranked ones? And even if someone persisted page after page after page, such a search would expose desperate non-Christians and vulnerable Christians to all sorts of seemingly attractive heresies before finding a doctrinally sound page able to meet their spiritual need. Back to main text.

Why not just one link?
We urge you to place on your site our full page of links for the simple reason that if you link to one page you cause only that one page to be ranked higher by search engines. And that webpage might not have any key words relevant to a particular searcher’s needs. We only ask you to use one page. Back to main text.

How do I copy the webpage?
When you view the webpage in Netscape or Explorer, simply click on File in the top left corner of the screen and select Save As... A dialog box will appear. Note what folder it indicates the webpage will be saved to. Then, depending on the software you are using, OK or Save appears in the dialog box. Clicking this will copy the webpage on to your computer. Back to main text.

Free webpage space:
    Geocities     Homepage     20megsfree     Tripod     Angelfire     Topcities     Onecenter

There are many, many others – just check the Yahoo search engine for ‘free web pages.’
See what conditions apply. To keep the account active, you might, for instance need to access it once a month. Back to main text.