Amazing Love

The Infinite Love of an Infinite God

By Grantley Morris

This webpage also available in English, French (Français), Swedish, Chinese Simplified)

V“ûo¶, ·¯ŒÍ® Py^ (Des Œ Jenny Oatridge) ñá^ ®ê gºx„ÏÔ B_gõux„Ï àdցº£›U(„ž ûoV“ ÖB¼~0†°~gž èU.„ž ê ~ A º(± bÃ@ ûoV“f£¼„º( ‚œ† ô º(_<— ï/(£ž „º „ ’ £¼'„Ł ŠV“û£ ž ຠ£ Ï¤á ˆ}„úc’ Öý(v֞ ßÖ³ó Öïå†ã 'J 6 £ +f„/±†óŒA ”t Š^„qûo èU.„ÏԄ͞ Öô —£›WýŒh†ãó .±„ü  ^„à t© t„/ÖZ »

‚œ ‹„ a ê/x~ zœº ïýº—å\!H‚œ W ~,º 1º— 1 „óÕ*¹×0jò†“Šº^ P„óÕˋ † ^„Ã

Q;º†@ „ºAúö@ _ì«z؄º ^CC,,„º FG™„;fÏ ºŒh„ /CC,,K „ B Ï º„_/!bo„ ÔB  @ º„„=  £1/Œh„

@傜` º³ó º ~,º³ó `iº„¢{ (^ †ý/ #„  (« Û „º Öò“—†Ö„ÞÜ ‚œ`ý #ª› `„Þæ{’ºÍ– `Ô£ oW1„º„ # àº`þ(’ —NÞ `{(M"8F„¡Ì àº) „¡Ì/ž0 M"„ (ï14:12-14 12:33—M 9:18)

%ó0³ófº† ‚œ`à¼^„XØ ¡`êqÿ º `_/ „ Ö6` w†Z„ˆ `{Í6 ˆ'„1óóòy (Scott) ŒÖ„ŠË ÖC›,æ0†Wu {|þÖŸ† /, 0TWu„ ?™î (Amundsen) òÔÖé 0 F’60, „ÍרêÅÍ!â 0-†„{(£á Œ{„ º â‰h+ª„0¹ ê ~lÌK`ÖÖ6{(°)ê0- F/Ö„Ç#Œ¢ª„¾^ {,äA³

ñᣠ¢ªŠ«×„Ž `U ïå NK ! ÊÖ6 `þ(d®×æ !ºO% ï/`„ W() {/ <„ )L `b ¾Å ªª ISʄÇ# +偆 `þ(—-@ׄæZ †(? £Úú† / Ö å@ª«º¤ã -· Ö@ׄ„ /À¼ñÄ„æã ê/nn„‹Å ‹‚1»¡Ì ªº e·II ’ ffŠ(ÁŠë ºÖ ¹S# {/~ @„ Ë÷:Ö‚œ( „L /ý«º1š £óÏ 0 †I`„/À¼#„šŽ†`(„æã ïýß'[0L)ž # !® F/ ÔÃ%ºþ( ã` †ÖB }

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