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Why, in Godís Eyes, You are Irreplaceable

By Grantley Morris

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You might not like yourself and you might be convinced that everyone on this planet feels the same way about you, but God is mind-bogglingly superior to everyone on this planet Ė not just in power but in his warmth and in the depth of his feelings for you.

So intense is the Almighty that he loves you as if there were no one in the universe but you. One reason for this is that there is genuinely no one in the universe like you. There has never been and never will be, another you.

God has made no one in the universe just like you. He treasures your uniqueness.

Not only are your facial features unique, along with each of your fingerprints, toe prints, palm prints, footprints, voice print, iris patterns and the DNA in every cell of your body, but evidence is mounting that everyone has a unique typing rhythm, walking gait, ECG (heartbeat) and on and on we could go. In fact, with sufficiently sophisticated analysis, just about every tiny aspect of you is unmatched by anyone who has ever lived.

Even if God were to abandon his commitment to making everything unique, and he chose to craft someone with an absolutely identical body and intellect to yours, your experiences are utterly unparalleled. Every conversation you have ever had, all your personal choices, your precise place in time and space throughout your existence, the total array of every sight and sound and object that has ever touched and shaped you, could be matched in no one else.

No one in the universe has ever had exactly the same combination of thoughts that you had in the last hour, and the same applies for every single hour of your entire life. Even, if you go to sufficient detail, your exact mishmash of sins is unique, providing God with a unique challenge (and he is certainly up to it!) to transform your life into something beautiful. In countless trillions of ways no oneís full story or testimony has ever been, nor will ever be, like yours. You might be ho-hum about that, but it fires God.

If you donít think much of yourself, your uniqueness might mean little to you, but to someone passionately in love with you, your distinctiveness makes you utterly irreplaceable. To whoever loves you, it means that there is no substitute for you in the entire universe. To a stranger you might just be one of millions, but not to someone who truly loves you.

If a child in a large family died, no sane person would dare try consoling the grieving parents by saying, ďDonít worry, you can easily adopt another child.Ē Not one, not a hundred, not a thousand children could ever replace that child, and neither could a trillion dollars. If imperfect human love perceives the uniqueness of a loved one and delights in that uniqueness to the point of making that person irreplaceable, this is magnified stupendously in the way God feels about you.

Everything that distinguishes you means so very much to the God of infinite detail who keeps track of every hair on your head. To mind-boggling extremes he is the most attentive of lovers. You move him, you fascinate him, you captivate him. In the nicest, most respectful possible way, the infinite God of love is, as it were, infatuated with you.

Nevertheless, if you push him away, he will not abuse his power, violating the dignity he has decided to grace you with, by forcing himself upon you. Instead, the All-powerful One selflessly chooses to endure the pain and suffer his heartache in secret.

Truly, the Lord of the universe is worthy of all power because he wields it with matchless nobility and exquisite selflessness. The Perfect One is not too good to be true, but far too good to be human. He totally eclipses everyone in being worthy of your time and your unerring devotion.

** God Love **

You are loved. You are respectfully but passionately desired.
Youíre special to God, not because of your greatness but because of the greatness of his love.
Itís not that you are perfect but that his love is perfect.
You can kick off your shoes, slip off your masks and rest in that love.
Make yourself cozy, let your cares float away and bask in his love.
Lie in the warmth as you snuggle content and enjoy that love.
Let go of your sin, luxuriate in peace, knowing the reality that God is love.

** God Love **

The Almighty is never half-hearted about anything. He loves you not with part of his heart but with all his heart. And this astounding Person who loves with his whole heart knows no limit. He is infinite. The implications threaten to fry every circuit in the human brain.

In the late nineteenth century, mathematical genius, Georg Cantor, proved that no matter how much you add to infinity or subtract from it or divide it or multiply it, the result is still infinity. Despite any of those mathematical procedures, infinity is so mind-bogglingly different to anything finite that the quantity remains unchanged. Fuelled by this finding, letís blast off on a ridiculous fantasy flight. If the God of infinite love could somehow love someone else a trillion times more than he loves you, he would still love you and the other person exactly the same Ė infinity. If his love for you could somehow be diminished to only a trillionth of his current love for you, his love for you would still be infinite.

A friend of mine who had been so hurt that he had never before let himself love anyone, began to fall in love with God. This scared him because his love for God meant that if God were to reject him it would hurt deeply. I explained that there is nothing to fear about the perfect love of God. Human love is at best imperfect, and anyone with imperfect love might stop loving and if so, the human might reject a person or turn nasty. But because Godís love is perfect he keeps loving and loving and loving and will never reject anyone or hurt anyone. Tragically, people reject him and leave him, but for as long as their hearts beat, he keeps longing for them to come back into his warm, welcoming arms.

** God Love **

Creator God, Almighty Ruler of the galaxies, sees in you things he sees in no one else Ė and it thrills him. And not only does God treasure you as irreplaceable, there is no one in the universe Ė not even his matchless Eternal Son Ė that he loves more than you. This latter astounding truth is expounded in the third link below. In the meantime, cling to the truth that in the heart of the all-powerful Lord is a craving, an ache, a longing that nothing but your companionship can ever satisfy. For the God who might seem to have everything, only you will do.

** God Love **

Do you know that God truly wants you to be you; not some copy of a Christian you admire? For help in grasping this, see The Spirit-Led Ministry

** God Love **

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