Blasphemous Thoughts
Against the Holy Spirit
Brought Me Closer to God

A Testimony of Hope

Holy Spirit blasphemy testimony

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    Brandon wrote the following in response to the webpages on this site. In accordance with my policy, this testimony is shared only with his permission.

    Grantley Morris
    Founder of and ghostwriter of this webpage

    The Testimony

    Iíve been a Christian since I was about 4 and am now 16. My faith had been slightly wishy-washy until a few months ago. Then, out of the blue, Satan suddenly unleashed a howitzer of blasphemous thoughts at me against the Holy Spirit and also against Jesus and God the Father. I panicked and almost had to change my pants, so I got home from school and found your website. It brought me peace and understanding of the situation.

    I thank the Holy Spirit for using my guilt over the thoughts Satan gave me, to bring me closer to Jesus. Your website was a God send, and the reason I am the passionate Christian I am today. Despite that fact that even now the blasphemous thoughts return, I am closer to God than Iíve ever been.

    Thanks for the very amazing website information you have.

    Wrap Up

    We serve an amazing God who lovingly weaves together for good all things Ė even unwanted thoughts that shake us to the core Ė for those who love him (Romans 8:28). Brandon will continue to suffer attacks. Not even the holy Son of God, who was tempted in all ways as we are, could avoid being attacked by satanic thoughts such as bowing down and worshiping Satan (Matthew 4:9). We are told, nevertheless, to rejoice in trials (Romans 5:3-5; James 1:2-3) because they make us spiritually strong as surely as regular workouts in a gym will make us physically strong.

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    Like a dentist emphasizing the importance of daily flossing and brushing, I must stress the importance of daily reading of these webpages for people plagued by spiritual worries. Your reading should include Scrupulosity: Help When Worried about Salvation, Blasphemous Thoughts or Continual Guilt Feelings and all the pages it leads to. For theological and biblical help with these matters see all the pages listed at Condemned? How to Cope When Riddled with Guilt. And for reassurance of Godís love for you, see How Much does God Love Me?

    The next testimony describes a mammoth battle with feeling unforgivable. It will inspire many.

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