Forsaken by God?

Can You Find God Again
After Falling From Grace?

* * *

A Testimony of Hope for Backslidden Christians

“I swore at God, telling him, ‘Just leave! Go ahead, reject me.’ Then he appeared to me, knelt down in the dirt with me and held me. He whispered in my ear, ‘NO WAY. I will never leave you nor forsake you. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.’


Do Hebrews 6 and Hebrews 10 mean that a spiritually gifted and once-devoted Christian who rejects Christ can never again enjoy a full and glorious relationship with God? If so, I would be damned. After years of anguish, however, I discovered the irrevocable truth of the vast numbers of Scriptures affirming that Jesus died for all sin – which, by definition, must include all my gross sins committed after my spiritual enlightenment.

My testimony is proof that God will accept back every backslidden Christian who again puts faith in the forgiving power of Jesus’ sacrifice.

I fell from being a committed, born again Christian with a wonderful, supernatural relationship with Jesus, to being enslaved by sexually perverted fantasies, hating Christians, and having eight demons. Although I yearned to return to God, my many years of attempting to win back his acceptance seemed only to confirm that God had forsaken me forever. Finally, I discovered there are no limits to Jesus’ power to forgive those who again put their faith in him. I now enjoy a beautiful relationship with God as joyous and fulfilling as ever, and continually getting even better than I had ever known.