Tragedies & Blame

* * *

By Grantley Morris

Most people feel no desperate need to be in total control because they see the possibility of a tragedy to be far too remote to feel concerned. Having suffered a tragedy, however, dramatically distorts oneís perception of the odds of a repeat.

So, in the case of tragedies we had no control over, a big factor in ceasing to torture ourselves with blame boils down to a willingness to accept that we cannot always be in control. What can help us accept this is to keep clinging to the certainty that outside of our control does not mean outside of Godís control. This does not mean that things contrary to Godís perfect will is impossible Ė if that were so then sin (whether ours or somone elseís) would be impossible Ė but God is so powerful that no evil can touch those who love him that he will not end up turning it around for good.