The Poem



Under the half-frozen soil
A seed awakens
And starts to push away its shell
Putting forth a tiny, shivering shoot
Through the dark soil it travels
On its upward climb to light
Until, one day
The crust of springtime’s earth splits before the thrust
And the green shoot rejoices
As the world of light opens before it
And the warm rays of yellow sunshine
Welcome it and beckon to it with encouragement.

Suddenly, little shoot feels the stinky impact
Of a shovel full of aged manure
And wonders why it tried so hard to leave its safe seed.
Warm rain falls and the stench lessens
As the sinking nourishment unites with the ground
Feeding the baby plant, that it thrive
Its roots established in softened, enriched soil
Until the day when the first bloom appears.

No hint of foul odor mars its perfume
The dark humus a perfect backdrop
For the beauty of the garden.

Do you ever feel as if someone threw manure on you?
After struggling through the darkness
Finally, a ray of light
And before you can enjoy it
Buried in excrement!
To have to push further up
Through the unpleasantness.

But the trial will settle
The Water of Life will mix it with good soil
To enhance growth
And when your bloom hits its apex
And wafts sweetened fragrance to the wind around you
You will shine
A glorious flower in the garden of God.

Beauty comes at a price
So wade in the fertilizer and don’t choke on it
And don’t abandon your brothers when they’re covered in it
Grow above it by the strength of Abba, through Jesus
Drinking in His refreshing rains, washed by Him, together
Basking in His Sonshine together
Reaching up out of it together
Blooming together
Until faithful love’s perfume makes His garden a treat to the senses
All over the earth
And rises as a sweet incense offering to Heaven.

In the autumn of our lives
When our petals droop, wither, and die
That incense will bloom above eternally
Before the face of the Master Gardener.

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