Reclaiming the power of sexual attraction for the promotion of marital faithfulness


Frigidity and Sexual Coldness in Normal Women
How to Boost Your Wife’s Libido

An Eye for beauty
How harmless is porn?

Putting Holy Fire In Your Marriage
Stirring Up Marital Passion

When Marital Relations are a Shortcut to Hell
A second look at marital rights

When a Wife Doesn’t Want Sex
Serious help for hurting couples

Being Head of Your Wife
For husbands

Is it Perverted?
When one partner wants what the other fears is perverted

Resolving Marital Conflict

How to Fall More in Love with God
Contains practical suggestions for re-igniting marital love

These webpages must not be used as weapons
to try to get a partner to change.

Each reader must focus on applying them to his/her own life.

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