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Imagine, if you dare, tens of thousands of millions of atomic bombs of Hiroshima proportions, all exploding at once. Thatís the energy a single solar flare releases. So vast is the caldron of nuclear fusion we call the sun that over a million earths could fit into it. And yet it is a pinprick relative to some stars. Up to a billion of our suns could fit inside one huge star. Nevertheless, even the largest star shrinks to insignificance when we consider that there are an estimated absolute minimum of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in a universe so mind-bogglingly enormous that researchers keep wondering if it is endless.

Unless you want to fry your brain, I donít recommend trying to imagine the power of the Creator of all that! Suffice to say, he is someone you would not want to put offside. And if this God loves us, the prospect is terrifying. If God were apathetic and had a strong dose of Alzheimerís he might have set the universe in motion and lost interest. If so, there might be some hope that we could get away with living life however we please. But if God loves us, it means he is vitally interested in what we do.

Counting two a second, 16 hours a day, every day of the year, it would take us over 300 million lifetimes just to count the stars within the bounds of the universe so far discovered. Obviously, the Creator is not fazed by numbers. Nor is he so crude as to be concerned merely with things that are big. Not only is the universe enormous, each atom in it is intricately composed of particles incomprehensibly miniscule. It is theorized that parts of an atom are so infinitesimal that if a single atom Ė millions of which could fit on a pinhead Ė were magnified to the size of the entire known universe (yes, the universe), these parts of the atom would be the size of trees. A God able to fashion an atom with such intricacy would have mental powers so incomprehensibly superior to our own that it would be a cinch for him to focus his attention on multiplied trillions of things at once. He could be conscious not just of your every thought but of your every atom, while simultaneously paying equal attention to everything else in the universe. You are uniquely precious to the God who, right down to your fingerprints, made you unique.

God is greater than us, not less than us. Everything noble that separates us from animals or machines Ė depths of love, unselfishness, emotion, intelligence, morality, sense of justice Ė God has, in mind-bogglingly greater and purer measure. To be devoid of emotion, for example, is to be less than human, not more than human. What the God of perfection would not display, however, would be selfish emotion or passion so out of control as to disregard the demands of morality, justice or rational behavior.

Spurn the mild love of an average person and you might not be stalked or even greatly inconvenienced. Find yourself fervently loved by someone with infinite power, however, and you have a problem. A child whose parents care little for him can safely come home from school with a bad report card. Itís a different story for the child who means everything to his parents and, by acting the fool, is ruining his future.

God-sized love fuels inconceivably intense emotion. He is explosively displeased if we fritter away God-given opportunities for us to gain eternal glory.

The Divine Ache

You cannot fervently love someone without aching for that person to love you Ė especially if you know that person desperately needs you in his/her life. To deeply love someone means you could have everything else in the universe, and yet without that personís love you would still be heartbroken.

To love is to make oneself so vulnerable that even having unlimited power could not help. Omnipotence could easily force someone to obey you. Or it could produce something like a Ďloveí potion, causing a person to be under the illusion of loving you. But genuine love can never be compelled. If attempts to induce it involve force or chemicals or deceit or bribery it is a sham, and can never satisfy your yearning for that personís love.

There are things that not even omnipotence can achieve. It cannot, for example, produce a square circle. It can easily turn a circle into a square, but the instant it has straight sides it is not a circle. Likewise, when someone is forced to act in love, it is not genuine love. Even with unlimited power, there is little anyone could do to induce genuine love in a person, other than be loving and wait for a response.

We would be appalled if a man kidnapped a woman and raped and enslaved her because he claims he loves her, wants her as his wife and is convinced he can make her happy. It would be an immoral abuse of power, regardless of whether he used physical force or threats Ė in which case she would be conscious of the violation of her rights Ė or if he used drugs or hypnotism so that she is unaware that what is happening is against her will. Real love respects the desires of the beloved, no matter how much it clashes with the loverís personal longings, and no matter how certain he is that the person would benefit from lifelong intimacy with him.

God wants a relationship with us more intimate, more permanent and more exclusive than the most wonderful marriage any human couple could ever experience. When we learn that he wants us to love, honor and obey him, we back off in horror before discovering that in every way we benefit from this closeness and it is God, not us, who gets the raw end. He loves you more than you love yourself and has your best interests at heart even more than you do. He alone has infinite understanding and Ė as demonstrated by Jesus suffering on the cross for you Ė he is utterly unselfish and would sacrifice anything for your eternal happiness. To disregard the advice of someone of infinite intelligence who wants only your best, makes as much sense as deliberately injuring yourself. Any time we fail to love, honor and obey the God who is devoted to our welfare, we ruin that part of our lives, relative to what we would otherwise have enjoyed and achieved.

Undiluted Love

God loves you so intensely that for any other being to even mildly approach such love, you could be the only person in the universe that he loves. We have seen that such love sets off powerful, conflicting emotions Ė a yearning to possess you and do what is in your best interest, and for you to do your best, and yet a longing to respect your wishes, even when those wishes clash with every good thing he wants for you.

The fact that God loves every other human on this planet in no way dilutes his devotion to you, but it adds even more conflict. If God loves everyone, it means anyone you hurt emotionally or physically, or defraud or deceive or slander, is someone whom God is passionately concerned about. Any unkindness on your part would make the Almighty doubly angry. He would be displeased that you messed up your own life by failing to reach your God-given moral potential, plus he would be furious that someone else equally dear to him has been hurt. Regardless of their age, the Lord feels as fiercely protective of all his loved ones as the most loving father would feel toward his ten-year-old virgin daughter.

This does not imply God will respond instantly. When someone hurts us we shake our fists at God for not executing justice the instant that person thought of stepping out of line. This is because we are too blinded by arrogant self-righteousness to realize that if everyone guilty of ever hurting anyone were instantly given what he or she deserves, every single one of us would be in eternal anguish right now. In our eyes, sins seem to mysteriously shrink in size when they are our sins. To be righteous, however, the Judge of all humanity must show no favoritism.

If the Almighty did not restrain his explosive desire for justice, giving us time to come to our senses and find forgiveness through Jesus, this planet would be devoid of human life. Nevertheless, Godís love for those we hurt fuels a fearsome passion for justice that must be satisfied. Justice can be deferred for a while, but to be deferred forever would be a farce, not justice. Every time weíve ever thought weíve gotten away with something, we havenít. We have only deferred the time when we will deeply regret our action. God is graciously giving us time to sort this out before it is too late.

Given the innumerable times each of us have ignored God, disregarded his ways, and arrogantly blamed or resented him when it was really us or others who were at fault, we desperately need a God whose silence means he couldnít care less how we act. But if God passionately loves us, he couldnít care more. Any apparent silence means things are building up to a confrontation of God-sized proportions.

If we donít voluntarily reach that point of deep regret on earth and discover how Jesusí agonizing death is able to satisfy both the need for justice and Godís longing to pardon us, weíll still come to the point of regret, but our intense regret will last for all eternity. For each of us, the time when we face our Judge is hurtling toward us.

Since God loves us so immensely, and our situation is so desperate that his eternal Son left his heavenly throne to trade places with us on the cross, the consequences of spurning that love must be horrific.

You Can Have it All

Most of us keep saying by our actions that we donít want God interfering in our lives. And yet God keeps interfering Ė keeping our heart beating and giving us all that we need to live. We refuse to submit to God as his children. We want to be our own God. To be granted that wish and exist independent of God is a prospect too horrific to contemplate. Every good thing we have ever enjoyed Ė even the ability to experience pleasure while grieving God by sinning Ė comes from the God we want to push away. Existence without God would make our worst nightmare seem like a party. It is literally hell. The time must come, however, when God fully respects our wishes and lets us have our own way. God does not want it for you, but his great love compels him to respect your wishes. Donít break his heart and ruin your eternity by choosing never-ending separation from God, the Source of every good thing.

There is no need for you to miss out on the most beautiful relationship and to spoil the greatest love story in the universe. It is easy to believe the Creator of the universe is powerful enough and smart enough to be able to give you the very best. It is obvious that Godís intelligence is so incomprehensibly superior to our own that it would be nothing short of stupidity to ever disregard his advice. To have him sharing his power and intelligence with us would be the greatest conceivable privilege and the most life-changing experience any human could hope for. You donít have to be a genius to figure that out. The more challenging part is to trust that God loves you so much that he wants to enter into a marriage-like relationship with you in which God and you pledge to join your lives and abilities and resources to each other for all eternity.

Like marriage, this is a big step, but it is not like blindly stepping off a cliff, hoping against hope that some invisible being is there to catch you. God has moved from the ethereal realm of human speculation into the concrete, observable world of human time and space. He has objectively demonstrated his character and commitment to us by the life, sacrificial death and proven bodily resurrection of his only eternal Son, Jesus Christ. He entered the human race and human history, subjecting himself to observation and the recording of his words and actions by eye-witnesses and this has been preserved by historians for the analysis of all subsequent generations. The evidence is far more concrete and extensive than most of us realize. For more about this, see a link about the resurrection of Jesus at the end of this webpage.

Experiencing the ultimate relationship begins with a prayer like the following. Merely repeating words will achieve nothing, but meaning them will connect you with the God who knows your every thought and motive.

    Dear Jesus,

    Since you love everyone passionately, everyone Iíve ever cheated, gossiped about, lied to is someone you love. And since you love me, every time Iíve hurt my own potential, Iíve hurt you. My selfishness has broken your heart, yet you gave your life and defeated death to secure my pardon.

    You have given yourself totally for me and I long to respond to your overwhelming love, by dedicating all I have to pleasing you. I take you to be my God from this day forward. I will love, honor and obey you. I yield to your loving protection and guidance. I surrender my sins to you, renouncing even those things that entice me. And in exchange I receive your pardon, your purity, and your power to live a life worthy of you.

    Thank you that we have now commenced a union so unique and powerful that not even death can break it.

What Makes This Webpage True?

Like someone who might have cancer, our greatest enemy is our tendency to run from the truth or to procrastinate. Anyone with the sense to face the truth head-on is likely to concede that what I have shared about God is logically sound. Nevertheless, the fact that this webpage makes human sense, does not make it true. It is true only because it conforms with Godís revelation to humanity. As we are more complex than a single-cell organism, so God is exceedingly more complex than we are. Any attempt to understand him fully will fall further short than a two-year-old trying to understand its motherís every decision and emotion. This makes us dependent upon God revealing himself to humanity and telling us what he is like.

Suppose you discovered a stone-age tribe that has had no contact with the outside world and you cared enough for them to learn their language. Through simply believing you, they could know that the earth is round, that humans have visited the moon, and learn innumerable scientific facts that have taken humanity thousands of years to discover. Alternatively, they could arrogantly choose to ignore what you say and limit themselves to what their own intellect could figure out. If so, they would go through life ignorant of almost all scientific knowledge. Itís not that you are more intelligent; itís simply that you have chosen to believe those who taught you about science.

Similarly, if we limit ourselves to what our own brainpower can guess about God, we will remain needlessly ignorant about God. If, however, we choose to believe what God has decided to tell humanity about himself, even a child can know far more about spiritual things than a genius could ever figure out on his own. In the words of Jesus, ďI tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter itĒ (Luke 18:17). On another occasion, Jesus prayed, ďI praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little childrenĒ (Luke 10:21).

By trusting Jesus and his teaching you can know things that God has cleverly hidden from those who stupidly pride themselves in their intellect.

Yielding to Godís love is the most thrilling and fulfilling experience in the universe. We ignore or abuse that love, however, at our peril.

Where to From Here?

This webpage is but a brief outline of some very critical matters. If you have not done so already, I urge you to read fully You Can Find Love. This exciting webpage explains how having God in your life fulfills your deepest longings. It explains the role of Jesus (as distinct from any other religious teacher) in this.

If you have any queries about any matters I have raised, please e-mail me. I would be honored to respond.

For an introduction to all the objective proof that Jesus truly did rise from the dead, thus proving himself to have died in our place so that we might live with the Holy Lord forever, see Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

If you prayed the above prayer for the first time or you have just now rededicated your life to Jesus, please e-mail me and Iíll endeavor to give you the encouragement and support you deserve.

I also suggest you read Keys to Spiritual Growth.

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