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Unfortunately, sending e-mails to large numbers of people is problematical because various systems can automatically reject them as spam, even though the recipients have actually requested them. To try to avoid this, I use Facebook to keep to a minimum those who need to be e-mailed.

(If you wish, Facebook can become nothing but a safe and simple way of receiving quotes. Just as you can have a phone and choose to let no one know your number or anything about you, so you can choose to make being on Facebook completely private. Just as people can use a phone safely, so people can use Facebook safely. In fact, it is widely claimed that half a billion people (500 million) use Facebook. For further help with safety and privacy issues, see Facebook’s Safety Center.)

If you still wish to use E-mail, however, just E-mail with the subject line NOT Facebook and I will attempt an e-mail alternative for you.

What You Can Expect

Every second day or so you will receive a short quote from the vast Net-burst.Net website. Some will be witty or humorous, some thought-provoking, some heart-warming but all are intended to fire your passion for God. For samples, see Net-burst.Net Sampler.

You can, of course, stop receiving quotes whenever you wish.

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