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          Over and over the Bible warns Christians that they can be deceived (Proof). For spiritual truth we must personally seek Godís face. No lazy alternative is safe. Moreover, no one but God knows exactly what parts will transform your life. What you most need might be a few words tucked inside webpages that seem utterly irrelevant, such as a page for singles and another for the sexually abused, when you are married and have never been abused. Elevate the entire experience into a divine encounter by praying as you choose and as you read.

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          * Sampler
          Selected quotes from the site are arguably the best way to explore the riches within. These samplers are so helpful and thought-provoking that I have devoted three long webpages to them. Each quote has a link to the webpage it is taken from, thus enabling you to delve deeper.

          * Related Pages
          Net-Burst.Net webpages often lead to another webpage and at the end of the series is usually a list of links related to the topic addressed in that series. These links are very helpful and each link will lead to still more links. Since it is easy to get side-tracked following a trail of links I suggest you note the web address of the original list of links so that, when needed, you can return to it to continue your search.

          * Subject Index
          The Subject Index will take you to a webpage about the topic that interests you but to find further pages on that topic, use the Related Pages listed at the end of the series.

          * Favorites
          Favorite Webpages can help you get started.

          * Newest Additions
          If you have read almost the entire site (quite a feat) and want to find parts added since you began reading, use Newest Additions.

          * Detailed Search
          This can sometimes be helpful but the above alternatives exist because the Exhaustive Search sometimes gives an overwhelming number of options and does not, of course, indicate when another word has been used that means the same thing.