A collection of one-liners for your street pulpit (church sign), church newsletter, notice board . . .

A helpful resource for pastors, church secretaries and Christians wanting attention-grabbing brief messages for church signs, posters, T-shirts, bumper stickers, for evangelism

At last! Help in finding thought-provoking short statements and witticisms for your wayside pulpit or church bulletin. A list of clever sayings for your business stationery, calendar, bulletin board, or other creative means of dispersing the gospel message

Reach the unsaved by using thought-provoking epigrams on business stationery, signs, school noticeboards, billboards, church marquee signs, wayside pulpits, screen savers . . .

This collection of pithy sayings is a treasury
you will want to keep returning to

Original One-liners By Grantley Morris

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Innovative Ways to Use One-liners For Evangelism