Are African Blacks Human?

Are All Black People Human?

Are Some Blacks Part Animal?

By Grantley Morris


Are African Blacks Human Being?

Are Some Blacks Half Animal?

Are All Black People Human?

Almost all Whites are so certain that all Blacks are fully human beings that they would be utterly shocked to find anyone who questioned it. In fact, I have seen tears in the eyes of Whites upon hearing that some Blacks in Africa – some well educated – have accepted the atrocious lie that Blacks are less human than Whites and are part animal.

The belief that any race is not fully human is totally contrary to science and to the Bible. Even the United States constitution states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men [people] are created equal . . .”

I am not American but it is thankfully illegal in most predominantly white countries to imply that one race is inferior to anyone and, as a typical White, I find the equality of people of all races so obvious that, until recently meeting some Blacks who genuinely doubted that Blacks are full human beings, I had never in my most far-fetched fantasies imagined there would be the slightest need to prove it to anyone.

To be racist – or look down on anyone – is to plunge a knife into the heart of the God who determines our eternal fate. We will see below why racism is not only always a sin against people close to God’s heart, it is a slanderous attack on God himself. It appalls everyone who truly knows and loves God.

We will look later at science and other perspectives but of supreme importance is not human opinion but God’s opinion. So this is where I will start.

God & Racism