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    is an international fellowship of born again Christians
    from different churches
    committed to seeing Christ glorified on the Internet
    in as many different ways and languages as the Lord empowers us

      Some websites promoting beliefs with which we disagree, have chosen to link to our site or to quote Grantley Morris. One such site promotes abortion. Another promotes polygamy. There are probably other such instances that would make us shudder, perhaps promoting New Age concepts, pornography, or whatever. We are not bitter about these unsolicited links, however, because there is a positive side. No one can prevent sites from presenting anti-Christian concepts, but by drawing attention to Grantley, these sites will cause some to visit a Christian site, thus providing us with the opportunity to counteract their adverse effect. For instance, a woman who wrote to Grantley upset because she wrongly thought he supported abortion, ended up having some deep needs met by visiting this site. The negative side, of course, is that some people will assume we have unchristian views. If this merely results in us getting slandered, it is a little consequence. We are, however, deeply concerned if people end up more favorably disposed to a false view because they think we support it. If you wish to check with Grantley about a specific issue, please do.

      We urge each of our members to belong to a local church. This unavoidably aligns each of us to a particular denomination. (Even if itís a non-denominational denomination!) We each seek to love our own church and we treasure its spiritual support, but in our service with Net-burst.Net we feel called to a ministry that knows no national or denominational barriers. We long to penetrate every linguistic, cultural, religious and racial boundary for the glory of our Lord.

      We seek to integrate converts and new believers into local churches that exalt Jesus. For geographical reasons alone it is unlikely to be a local church to which any of our members belong.

      In our service to our local church we may strongly defend its unique heritage and views, but in our service with Net-burst.Net we strive to avoid issues on which born again Christians differ. We honor those called to address such issues, but our commission is to a wider, shallower ministry.

      We are theologically conservative, accepting all the basic tenets of the Christian church Ė you must be born again, salvation is only possible through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God who rose bodily from the dead, that the Bible alone is the infallible Word of God, the doctrine of the Trinity, the existence of heaven and hell, that all sex outside of heterosexual marriage is sin, and so on.

      We donít believe any denomination has a monopoly on truth, but we are opposed to the notion that non-Christian religions might lead to God. We believe in the miracles recorded in Scripture and that the same God rules this earth and is worthy of our lifelong love and devotion. We are grieved by religious pride and divisions in the body of Christ. We accept that Christís body had to be broken on the cross that we might have fellowship with God but we are pained by the fact that Christís body (His church) is today broken. We are pleased for Christians to worship God in different ways, but when it comes to the point of them feeling so superior to other Christians as to let it interfere with their fellowship with others, itís a tragedy.

      We love and seek to support all born again believers regardless of their pet doctrines and denominational label.

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