Is God Egotistical?

* * *

Some people who havenít thought it through imagine God is egocentric because he asks us to praise and worship him.

What we hold highest in life sets the ceiling for personal growth, achievement and honor. If, filling that position in our lives, is not the good, perfect, all-powerful Source of help and inspiration, we have stymied our potential, and sentenced ourselves to an inferior life. Being self-absorbed makes oneís personality shrivel. Thatís why our loving Lord wants us to be God-centered.

The Lordís only wish is that we act as wisely and unselfishly as him. Like the Perfect Leader that he is, he asks nothing of us that he would not do himself. It is the very nature of love Ė and hence the nature of God Ė to focus on the beloved. Just as he wants you to be God-centered, his plans focus on you as if you were the center of the universe.

Your love means infinitely more to God than all the diamonds in myriads of galaxies. And praise is a natural expression of love. Lovers find praises effortlessly flowing from their lips as they praise their belovedís looks, abilities, and so on.

If God wanted slaves he could, in an instant, cram every planet in the universe with them. The All-powerful, Self-Sufficient Lord of the Universe craves your praise only because he is love and he is rapt in you.