The Demon

The Host Writes:

I was feeling mysteriously anxious. So I looked into my inner world. On the ground were hundreds of spiders crawling around. I called Jesus. Then the spiders all rushed together and formed a ball, rolled over to me and crawled all over my body. That was a bit unpleasant. Then they morphed into the shape of a human and said, “We are one.” Every spider had its own voice and they spoke in unison.

I gave Jesus a questioning look and he replied that they are a new alter. I called Jax (an alter with a human head and a spider’s body). He seemed overjoyed at seeing them. He joined the ball and they rolled around for a while. “These are my spider family,” he told me.

Just then, a giant spider came out. The other spiders scattered. I don’t think this new arrival saw Jesus. I shot Jesus another questioning look and mouthed, “Alter?” He shook his head. I signaled to Jesus to deal with the demon.

“This one’s all yours,” Jesus said.

I glared at him, thinking, “Seriously, Jesus! You could do this in a snap!” But it seemed he wanted me to. I rolled my eyes and sighed. I looked at the giant spider and said, “I am a daughter of Jesus, the One True King. I stand in his authority. Stop it. Go away. You aren’t welcome here.” I shooed it away with a casual wave of my hand. It turned into a woman with daggers for teeth, hissed at me, and ran away.