Alters Differ

Warning: Contains possible triggers

Multiple Personality Disorder


A friend has some alters who like dolls, but she has other alters who are quite disturbed by dolls. Some of her alters even want to violently attack and “kill” dolls or stuffed toys. My friend lists her following experiences, any one of which would be sufficient for an alter to dislike dolls or be terrified of them.

* As an adult, before knowing she had Dissociative Identity Disorder, she liked watching horror movies, a few of which featured dolls, such as killer dolls who would come to life at night and attack people.

* Her mother, who was very cold toward her, had dolls that her mother seemed to love and value more than her.

* Her memory is not yet clear but she suspects that some of her abusers somehow used dolls in the abuse.

Another friend has one or two alters for whom dolls are a source not of comfort but of guilt because an abuser used dolls as if they were payment for sexual favors.