The Holy Spirit Likened to . . .

A Dove

John 1:32 John testified, saying, “I have seen the Spirit descending like a dove out of heaven, and it remained on him.


Luke 3:16  . . . He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit and fire

Acts 2:3-4  . . .Tongues like fire appeared and were distributed to them, and one sat on each of them. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit . . .

1 Thessalonians 5:19 Do not put out the Spirit’s fire (NIV).


John 7:38-39 “. . . from within him will flow rivers of living water.” But he said this about the Spirit, which those believing in him were to receive. . . .

Isaiah 44:3 For I will pour water on him who is thirsty, and streams on the dry ground. I will pour my Spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your offspring



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