1. Load a copy of your .htm file (your file on the internet into which you which you wish to place a link) into a text editor. If you have "Windows," the small program Notepad comes with it and is ideal for this purpose. Click File, at the top of the program, then click open and load the file into it. If you are using a more sophisticated word processor than Notepad, when loading it you will need to tell it to treat it as a text (or ascii) file.

2. If this has worked correctly you will be able to view all the text in that webpage, plus all of the HTML code. Most of the code occurs between brackets that look like this: < > Thus <P> is the code indicating a paragraph break.

3. Scroll down the webpage until you find the point where you wish to insert the link.

4. At that point type:
<H2> <A HREF="../hot/">Issues That Make Christians Squirm</A> A Hot Page</H2>


<H2> is html code for Heading 2. It indicates the size of the font. If you want it smaller, use <H3>

<A HREF=" Is the code that means "go to the webpage cited within the quotes." Note that these are straight quotes. If your program automatically changes straight quotes to ones that look like , not like ", this must be altered.

"../hot/"   You can use this or you can substitute whatever website address you wish.

Issues That Make Christians Squirm   You can use this or subsitute whatever text you wish. Because this text is not within : < > it will appear on the webpage when normally viewed. (That which is within those brackets will be invisible.) The text up to </A> will name the link and if any part of that text is clicked when it is viewed as a webpage on-line, it will take you directly to that webpage.

</A> This is important because it ends the text that you can click on.

The text after that is optional. It can be used to describe the linked page.

</H2> (near the end) means "End of Heading 2 font."

As stated above, <P> means "End of paragraph."

Save the changes. To view what it will look like as an internet page, load it into your web browser. You can do this without being connected to the internet but the link won't work unless you are connected.

If you are happy with it, send your changed webpage to the server that hosts your webpage.

If you wish, you can then add a comment about the site. Don't forget to save your changes. Then check it to see that it works.

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