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Although Facebook cannot be used for personal communication with me, Grantley (use e-mail for that), it allows you to:

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      If you have been encouraged or helped by this website I thank God for granting me this privilege. I ache, however, for the vast numbers who could be helped if only they were aware of the parts of this website that are most relevant to their needs. Since everything I do is for free, no income is generated for advertising. Social media can help and by clicking Like on the Facebook pages you can make this more effective.

    * Be Blessed

      The Net-Burst.Net website is so vast that it is exceedingly hard for you to find the specific parts that will most transform your life. A significant help is to receive short quotes from the website via Facebook. They can alert you to helpful informaton in webpages you would not dream of reading. For just one of many examples: there are portions of my pages for singles that can bless married people. Each quote will link you to more information on that topic.

Before proceeding, you should be aware of alternatives that might suit you even better. If you have not already read about these options on Daily Inspirational Quotes & Short Christian Devotional Messages, please do so now.

There are two Facebook pages (You might need to be logged on to Facebook to view them):


    This provides only the quotes so that even the youngest, most vulnerable Christian is safe.


    This displays the same quotes and allows discussion of them. The downside of this option is that I cannot guarantee the quality of the comments. Time restrictions prevent me from monitoring the comments.

By visiting these pages and clicking Like you will encourage others to join the page. (Since even mildly popular pages have thousands of Likes, it is hard for people to think a page with relatively few Likes is worth checking out, and since everything I do is free I can hardly offer discounts to entice people to click Like.)

Remember, for reasons of efficiency, I communicate personally by e-mail, not Facebook. e-mail is the only sure way to contact me.

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