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This website is so enormous that it is hard to know where to start

The best place to start depends on your current needs.
The following might help you choose, but why not ask the Lord to guide you?

(My heartís cry is that you not just read words but that you be swept off your feet
by a life-transforming encounter with the most beautiful Person in the universe.)

Sampler (Brief Quotes from the site)

Help When You Feel Down

Godís Love For You

Spiritual Secrets

Pages for Singles

Stirring Up Marital Passion

How to Beat Temptation

Healing from Sexual Abuse

When God Seems Far Away

One Liners (For Church Signs)


God & Suffering

Waiting for your Ministry

The Spirit-Led Ministry

Fiction (About Heaven & Spiritual Truths)

The Thrilling Mystery of Hearing from God

You Can Comfort the Hurting

Handling Guilt

Vengeance upon your Enemies


Keys to Spiritual Growth

Life’s Mysteries Explained


Salvation Webpages


The Music Ministry

The Spiritual Essentials For Accurate Bible Interpretation

WARNING: This Website is H-U-G-E!

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