Living With the False Shame of Blasphemous Thoughts

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    For several days I have been tormented with blasphemous thoughts. I have not been able to sleep at night. I began to think that the thoughts were from me and was beginning to doubt even my own salvation. This has weighed heavily on my soul and finding your pages was truly a Godsend.

    I realize now that this torment coincides with my asking God for a renewal of the Holy Spirit in my life and a commitment to evaluate all of my actions to the standard of ďdoes what I am doing help to build up or to break apart the kingdom of God?Ē as well as with a renewed effort to resist certain temptations.

    I began to weep as I realized that this is the devil preying upon my weakness as I attempt to come closer to God, and as I read more I again became confident in Christís saving power. I could feel the weight lifting off of me.

    Thank you for being a vehicle for Godís love at a crucial and difficult time. I would appreciate your prayers as well as your discretion (I havenít told my wife about this at all, or anyone else. I was too ashamed of my thoughts).

    Above all praise the Lord Jesus Christ for his remarkable gift!

    Comment by Grantley

    Note that this attack was not because the person was slipping but because of a spiritual advance. The forces of darkness were apparently seeing his renewed determination as a threat. If we could fully discern the spirit realm we would probably see the attack as a mark of honor.

    This testimony is shared with permission, but on the condition that the personís name not be revealed. Suffering such tormenting but needless shame reminds me of many survivors of child sex abuse who have confided in me. What makes child molesters particularly despicable is that innocents not only suffer horrifically but they are usually hoodwinked into believing that what they have suffered is their fault, not the molesterís. It is sad that so many dear folk who have been spiritually molested through no fault of their own Ė often specifically because they were making significant spiritual progress Ė battle similar crippling shame, when they are actually Godís darling, innocent children.

    More Help Needed
    People keep e-mailing me, desperate for a quick fix so that they can get the relief they crave without having to read all these webpages. They are wasting their time and mine, however, because in all my years of anguished prayer and fervent seeking, I have failed to find an alternative to having to keep reading all these webpages. Take a rest now, if required, but you will need to read more.

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