Tempted, Condemned, Put Down

The Hidden Reason for Our Doubts

Do we wrestle against spiritual foes, as the apostle Paul claimed?

worried by demons

    The following testimony is by Christine, a sexual abuse survivor. This Christian sees into the spirit world more clearly than most of us, but her true account exposes the source of our own doubts, guilt feelings and fears.

    The devil, not being infinite like God, cannot be everywhere at once. So when he tempts us he usually must use his evil underlings to do his dirty work, rather than dealing with us personally.

    Whenever we let ourselves believe we are unforgivable, we are playing into the hands of anti-God forces, giving demons sadistic pleasure, as we let them rob us of our rightful spiritual inheritance. These disgustingly filthy creatures get high on us being needlessly miserable. Like the most repulsive parasitic worms sucking the spiritual life out of us, these evil tricksters gleefully feed off our doubts and insecurities. They specialize in deceit and slandering both us and the power of Jesus’ sacrifice.

    Our spiritual enemies, who lust after our destruction, rarely blow their cover by letting us see them as demons. Instead, they slip thoughts into our minds that most of us assume to be our own thoughts and they follow this up with devastatingly believable feelings of guilt and powerfully deceptive feelings of abandonment by God.

    Christine’s insight into the spirit world is very practical, even though it had a symbolic element. The demon’s sword represents his power to hurt her.

    Here’s what happened:

    In the darkness of morning, when I was more asleep than awake, I heard a demon. “Here we go again,” I told myself.

    “You’re going to die! You’re going to fail and there will be no money. You’re a horrible mother.” On and on he went.

    I grabbed my sword, the Word of God, and fought, rebuking the demon by quoting the Bible. Finally, in the spirit, I saw that I had pinned the demon’s sword and I took it from him. I now had the very sword that he had raised up against me to strike me down.

    He stopped. He smiled and changed into a very friendly-looking being. He laughed a little and told me sweetly to give his sword back.

    I was surprised but refused his request.

    “Oh, but that makes you a thief. Are you a thief?”

    I didn’t answer. With pretended kindness, he said, “Now, when a thief is found out [he giggled] he or she [he gave a sick smile] must pay seven fold [Proverbs 6:30-31]. That means you have to give me seven fold and you don’t want to do that, do you?”

    Hey, he had been trying to kill me with that sword!

    The spirit of deceit was so strong that it was blinding. I was getting confused. I consulted the Holy Spirit. All he replied was, “Remember when they tempted Jesus in the wilderness?” I did. It was a blinding temptation that many wrongly suppose was a breeze for Jesus to resist. Not even the Son of God found resisting temptation easy. Consider the sweat on his brow in the Garden of Gethsemane over yielding to God’s will.

    In my weakened state, the demon starting throwing up my past, and hissing with a deceitfulness that only those who have knowingly faced demons will understand. Throughout the attack the Holy Spirit was guiding and teaching me. He wasn’t blaming me or being hard on me for the attack. He blamed the demon and told me, “Be strong and of good courage. I am with you and I will never leave nor forsake you.”

    I put my head down and said, “Yes, but I am guilty of some of the things that demon accused me of.”

    “Not anymore!” the Lord replied, “You asked for forgiveness and I forgave you. It is under the blood. That is what makes what those demons say so offensive. How dare they deny the blood!”

    Then the demon changed his tactic. “You’re smarter than the rest. You’re prettier. Now, give me the sword,” he cooed seductively.

    I realized he was getting high. By just talking to me, he was getting a fix. He was feeding off me, in a sick, perverted way. Any guilt, confusion, or anger of mine, was sending his perverted senses high. At that instant I clearly saw that whenever any of us believe that we are inferior, or beyond forgiveness, or get tormented, demons get high on a power trip, just like pedophiles. When we let guilt feelings or feelings of hopelessness, get to us, we are being seduced by twisted demons.

    I looked that demon in the eye. I was shaken. I could see in his evil black eye that look of sensual pleasure; that twisted, high look that a pedophile gets when you cry out in pain or when he sees you can’t fight anymore, and he gets his way with you.

    Domination and perversion: that is what this creep wanted.

    I replied, “I am giving the sword to God. And if it is yours, you can get it from him. Go talk to Jesus.”

    At that name he hissed like a child molester after having used his victim and then hating the victim, since it was through that person that he got his high and fell into sin, which means he was dominated. No matter how much sex abusers seek to dominate, their own addiction dominates them. I remember expecting to die when my childhood abuser looked angry enough to kill me. I didn’t understand his anger. Now I do.

    No matter how demons seek to use us to satisfy their evil appetites, they will end up hating us because they are dominated by their lusts, and defeated by Jesus.

    Every time we think we are bad, demons get high. Every time we feel dirty, they get high. Every time they talk to us, even in an almost imperceptible whisper, they get high. They are eternal addicts and slaves to their own lusts. They infest pedophiles and feed on anyone else who lets themselves be fooled by their lies. We can’t understand the magnitude of evil that infests them and consumes them.

    Beware: demons seek their warped pleasure from your despair, your failure to keep believing in the power of Christ’s forgiveness, your giving into anything less than the identity you have in Christ.

    When I realized this demon was like a sick sex pervert getting high just from trying to dupe me, I resisted the demon.

    He left and I woke up. My skin felt dirty. I wanted to take a bath. I know it as the feeling left behind by the presence of a demon.

    What a morning! And all I had wanted to do was sleep!

    Demons aren’t easy to deal with. It is hard even to realize we are dealing with demons. They disguise themselves in a myriad of faces and voices, with the same end in mind. They hate humans. They are slaves to their own perversion, and addicts to their sins. They feed on our doubts and guilt feelings and take glory in them. We fight them by stubbornly clinging to the truth of the Word of God, even when their lies seem so convincing, and when their accusations would be so very accurate, were it not for the cleansing power of Jesus sacrificing his life for our every sin.

    How You Can Win, Like Christine – By Grantley

    Since God has ordained that salvation, along with all other spiritual blessings and authority over demons, is by faith, spiritual attacks focus on what we believe, especially on whether we believe that Christ forgives us and that through our spiritual union with Christ, God is pleased with us. Our spiritual enemies know that our beliefs about other people’s standing with God will not free us from being the playthings of demons. So spiritual attack usually focuses not on pretending that Jesus’ sacrifice failed to forgive other people, but that Jesus was a failure in that his tortuous sacrifice cannot forgive me. Some of us don’t even realize that by letting these evil whisperers dupe us into thinking we are unforgivable, we are joining them in slandering the power of Christ’s forgiveness.

    In the following webpages are many inspiring testimonies from people who, after having once been convinced that their blasphemies and gross sins had rendered them unforgivable, can now see through the demonic lies and realize that they are forgiven. What is critical for you, however, is not other people’s breakthroughs but your own. You must join them by yourself engaging in spiritual warfare against those demonic whisperers, and deny those cheats the sadistic delight they get out of any of us being fooled into thinking we are unforgivable. No matter how gross and blatant and repeated and blasphemous your sins, don’t let filthy liars trick you into slandering Christ by denying his power to forgive you.

    Since I want to speed your personal breakthrough, I suggest you bookmark this page so that you can continue with this testimony series later, but first learn more about how to defeat demonic cheats who get their kicks out of us letting them dupe us.

    Critical to Christine’s victory was quoting the Word of God. For help in finding appropriate Scriptures when you feel hopelessly condemned, see:

    For help in learning how to fight deceitful spiritual con artists, and stop those malicious weaklings from cheating you out of what Christ died for you to enjoy, see:

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