ĎBarnabas and Saulí versus ĎPaul and Barnabasí

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Ministry partners, Paul and Barnabas, commenced their friendship with Barnabas clearly taking the lead (Acts 9:26-27; 11:25-26). Acts begins with consistently listing Barnabasís name first when referring to the two (Acts 11:30; 12:25; 13:1, 2, 7). Later, however, the order is reversed, with Paulís name appearing first in the next eight out of eleven times (an analysis appears below.)

This change seems to point to Paul rising in stature and gaining prominence (usually regarded as leadership) in the partnership. Of ten scholars consulted, none deny this, and eight specifically mention it, most quite confidently, the vaguest of which being F. F. Bruce.

Paul is listed first in Acts 13:43, 46, 50; 15:2 [twice]; Acts 15:22, 35, 36. Note also Acts 13:13.

From Acts 13:13, the only exceptions to Paul being listed before Barnabas seem to reflect not the relationship between the Paul and Barnabas but the way Christians in Jerusalem saw them (Acts 15:12, 25), or how pagans who considered them to be gods, saw them (Acts 14:12-14).


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