Fire your Passion for God!


By Grantley Morris

Empower your Day in Just Seconds

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My highest goal is to serve you and our Lord by sparking your own divine encounters and your own revelation and Spirit-led meditative thoughts about spiritual truth.

Inspirationals is driven by the needs of people who, like me, want to read as little as possible but long to deepen their walk with God and connect with him more often during their crammed-packed day.

Another driving force is the needs of established Christians who crave fresh revelation from God. Although these Inspirationals should be helpful for new Christians (and the first few have them in focus), I consciously seek to inspire those who donít want anything kooky but lament seeming to already know everything commonly raised in the circles they frequent.

I suggest you use each Inspirational as a thought-provoker Ė a meditative launching pad. After absorbing a short Inspirational, let it hover in the back of your mind as you go about your day; consciously and prayerfully returning to the thought for a few moments for an occasional mini-break from work. (Scripture refers to focusing on God several times a day [examples]).

The emphasis is on Spirit-led flexibility. If one Inspirational does not grab you, go to the next. Occasionally, one might prove so productive that you remain with it for several days. When thoughts dry up, move on to the next Inspirational.

To maintain the interest of those who thrive on the continual stimulation of new thoughts, Inspirationals bounce from topic to topic. If you prefer to remain on a particular theme, simply use the Inspirationals to locate a topic that interests you, click on the link, and settle into an exploration of that topic.

As you would expect, Inspirationals are intended to supplement, not replace, Bible reading.

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