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The Infinite Lord is so astoundingly personal that alongside him the most passionate and caring of us seems cold, callous and self-obsessed. He is so intensely interested in every person that he focuses his incomprehensibly vast intellect and powers of attention and the infinity of his love on each human, as if each of us were the only person in an empty universe. We keep breaking his heart by our foolish decisions and willfulness and yet he keeps restraining himself in order to honor our choices. My life quest – and surely that of anyone who has glimpsed him – is to better know God and make him known.

The glorious Lord is a jewel so incomprehensibly vast and multifaceted that we typically become so captivated when glimpsing him from one angle that all his other wonders slip from view. We can be so overawed by the Almighty’s infinity, power and holiness, for example, that we lose awareness that he is warm and soft. He is perfection personified and yet amazingly approachable. In fact, he yearns for our companionship – not for what we can give him but for what he can give us.

Nothing in the universe matches the exquisitely beautiful, incomparably desirable heart of God. He is tender, kind, compassionate; the eternal fountain of everything good and beautiful. He is exciting and full of surprises. He is the never-changing, ever-changing One; reassuringly predictable and delightfully unpredictable. He is gentle and patient and yet settles for nothing less than our best. He so believes in us that he has invested everything he has into us.

This stupendous person is superhumanly wise and passionately devoted to our greatest good. The staggering depth of his love means that he has our best interests at heart far more than even we do, and his mind-blowing power means that he can deliver. Once we grasp the magnitude of his selfless devotion to us and begin to realize the perfection of his ways and powers, we will realize that even if we were motivated by nothing but self-interest, our walk with God should be about continually seeking to better serve him; not about trying to get him to serve us. Upon truly discovering how wonderful God is, however, we cannot help but fall in love with him so utterly that our infatuation with ourselves will be totally eclipsed by our delight in him. We will find ourselves longing to serve him simply because we long to bring him joy. And as we become rapt in this infinitely beautiful person we will discover that the only way to truly live is to be selflessly good like him and that enjoying him, fellowshipping with him and serving him is the only way to be truly good.

We will discover that real living is not about feeling good; it’s about being good. Like champions, our yearning will not be for ease or comfort but victory. Our own happiness will no longer interest us, just as Christ came to earth not to be happy but to express his love for us and for the Father by being tortured to death. And our high calling is to follow him. We will be so deliriously in love that all we will care about is bringing joy to God, since real love seeks not its own happiness but the happiness of others.

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