Hugs & Kisses from Jesus

Physical Manifestations for God’s Love: Any Limits?

Grantley Morris

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There are women so excited about their relationship with the Lord Jesus that they boast on social media about slipping on a sensual nightie and sliding into bed with their spiritual Daddy who hugs, thrills and fulfills them.

Is this an enviable expression of intimacy with the Lord of Glory? Could there be any hidden dangers?

Many others ache to be hugged by Jesus or receive some special indication of his love or presence, and nothing happens. Are they neglected by God? Have they somehow missed God’s best, or are they simply on a different, divinely personalized journey to fulfillment that will end in them surpassing most of those who currently seem to have it all now?

I feel obligated to explore these matters, since I’m the author of You can Find Love: What your Fantasies Reveal. In it, I explain how anyone with the courage to look deep within, will discover we each pine for a perfect lover, and those incessant cravings can only be met in a thrillingly intimate relationship with our Maker.

The exciting, supernatural, miracle working God is without equal; able to do exceedingly beyond anything we could ask or even imagine. He understands you like no one else. Looking at you through eyes of divine love, he sees beauty in you that no one else sees. He knows your every flaw and yet loves you – yes you – with all his infinite heart. He who inhabits eternity and reigns in the highest heaven over the entire universe, yearns to be not just at your side, but to live inside you, every moment of every day.

This exquisite person is not only perfect in every way; you and he are the perfect match. He is the one you were literally made for. You thrill him. He is the perfect friend, companion, confidante, lover, protector and parent. He yearns for a union with you so intimate and complete that it makes the best ever human marriage seem aloof and superficial. Can this have sensual overtones, or has God ordained that sex be the exclusive domain of a human union?

* * *

Before plunging into this, it seems appropriate to make a general observation about spiritual reality.

As gloriously true as God’s love for us is, we teeter on the edge of spiritual disaster if we cherry pick biblical revelation, choosing to embrace truths that seem to appeal to us, and disregarding others. Bible truths we prefer not to think about are often the very aspects of divine revelation that alone could keep us from tragedies we would regret for all eternity.

Holding on to some truths about God, while letting go of others, inevitably results in a distorted view of God. In effect, we end up exalting a false god, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves that he is the God of the Bible. Such are our human frailties – small-mindedness, conceptions, groundless fears, and the like – that I doubt any of us gets it perfect.

Each of us is unique, and God understands your precise limitations. He compassionately compensates for our inabilities, but not for us hardly bothering to learn all we can about him. Not doing whatever we can to grasp the full truth about God is like irresponsibly presuming one hand is enough when holding on to the end of a lifeline while dangling over an abyss. Anyone can survive for a while. Eventually, however, one’s predicament will become increasingly precarious. By then, as you can imagine, we will probably be too weak to hoist ourselves up to get the two-handed grip we should have started with.

We need to take action immediately.

The problem with half-truths is that no matter which half you have, they are half lies. And spiritual lies can ruin us. What we are solely tempted to suppress from our consciousness is that the real God – the God of the Bible, rather than a figment of our imagination – is staggeringly unique and non-human. He is so superior that much of him can be known only in the vaguest ways. His majesty and terrifying holiness, for example, far exceed human comprehension. He is our Judge and his standards are witheringly higher than ours. To confuse his love for stupidity, or for humanity’s Judge falling into the sin of favoritism, is the gravest of mistakes.

In contrast to most other societies throughout history, ours is so perverse that even among those who call themselves Christians, few expect God to be their God, but their slave. Many actually want to be God’s God, and some are even so stoned on pride as to have the audacity to think themselves so clever and desirable that they can manage it!

Proof of love, insists the Bible, is that we obey God. Shamefully many of us not only abhor and reject this foundational spiritual truth, but delude ourselves into thinking that by ‘loving’ God we can somehow overthrow this holy order and exploit God’s love and even seduce him into corrupting himself by lowering his immovable moral standards. That delusion is the real source of their ‘spiritual high’, and they are heading for a horrific downer. Divine patience is our limited opportunity to repent. To suffer no pangs of conscience over a matter never in the slightest means we will get away with it.

If the last paragraphs are not blatantly obvious to you, please read this brief note.

* * *

Many people find the possibility of a relationship with God having sexual overtones bizarre or offensive, but not everyone. An editor of a significant Christian magazine told me how, in order to keep herself pure and bonded to Jesus, she masturbates while thinking of Jesus. Most people would be staggered to know how many men and women, seeing me as understanding God and human nature better and more compassionately than most, email me confiding how, whilst not being accompanied with sexual arousal, they cannot stop seeing sexual images of Jesus.

If you wish to join me in a gentle, compassionate, Bible-based exploration of these issues, see Sexual Feelings Toward God?

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