The Pot of Gold

* * *

While seeking to perfect this webpage I found myself changing the order in which I present the blockages a ridiculous number of times.

I yearn to present them in what for you is their order of importance but this is a matter in which so many of us differ wildly. Listing the headings so that you can read them in whatever order you choose seemed an enticing solution but, sadly, practical matters make this more confusing than helpful for the reader.

Reasons for this include:


I find myself unable to describe some blockages in just a few words.


We often do not realize the extent to which something is hindering us until spending time prayerfully considering it.


With it being easy to accidentally miss parts of the webpage when reading it in a different order, I worry about you missing a section that could change your life.


A major reason for me repeatedly adjusting the order when drafting the webpage is the need for the sequence to be orderly. I find myself repeatedly assuming you have read something stated earlier, or indicating that something will be explained later. This becomes meaningless if people read it in a different sequence. If I were unable to assume you have read what appears higher in the webpage or will read something that appears lower, I would have to annoyingly increase your reading time by repeating portions of what appeared earlier.