Christian Singles

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Single by Choice

Overcoming Loneliness

No Marriage in Heaven?

Singles: Celebrate your Sexuality

When is Premarital Sex Acceptable?

Why Iíve Never Married: My Own Story

Never Too Early to Prepare for Marriage

Help in Handling the Pressures of Being Single

How Masturbation Shapes Oneís Sexuality (Short)

A re-Examination of the Anti-Porn Stance (For Men)

Why Marriage Will Never Satisfy Our Deepest Needs

Masturbation: Moral Quicksand or Godís Provision for Singles?

Love Sex God Orgasm: Christian Secrets to Sexual Fulfillment

What a Single Woman Should Look For in a Husband

Feeling Unlovable, Undesirable & Unwanted

Marital Love: A Reality Check for Singles

The Hidden Dangers of Romantic Fiction

Godís Views on Divorce & Remarriage

Marriage Preparation Begins at Birth

The Comfort of Imaginary Friends

Lost Virginity Can be Restored

Recovering From a Break-Up

How Far is Too Far?

Choosing a Partner

Dating Guidelines

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