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Explanation: When I first commenced this ministry I compiled comments I received but I have long since stopped. When I was compiling it I wrote:
          Time has been found to list only a few testimonies. In some cases, more than one quote is from the same person. Some of the high praises should not be taken literally. They simply express how deeply this ministry touched the person.

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General Comments

          From an Internet Businessman
          Thank you thank you thank you very much.
          It was your words to me that made me realize I needed to fulfill the burning desire within me to serve the Lord first.

          Evangelists Helped
          [Iím a] First time viewer [of your site], and appreciated the messages contained there . . .
          [I] Had developed plans for a new type ministry some while ago, and have finally made the decision to step out in faith Ė take it on full time . . .
          Thanks for confirmation through your articles.

          God Bless,
          Evangelists, Rev. Bob & Patty

          Different Type of Barrenness
          Your web page that addresses barrenness was a great inspiration to me at this time in my life. I have been trying to have a child for about 6 years now and the reference on the web fits the scenario just perfectly. We are going to meet two sisters ages 3 & 5 on Monday and expect to be adopting them both. The article is most precious to me at this time. Thanks, and thank God for the revelation today.

          From Child Abuse to a Forlorn Marriage . . .
          Your ministry is growing at an intense rate. You have much intelligence and seem to know the right words for the occasion that they fit for whomever you come in contact with. Your pages are magnificent and are touching many people you have no knowledge of. You know just what sections of your book to pull out and minister to those people who contact you with their frustrations, trials and hurts. You seem to know how to minister to most everyone on whatever subject it may be. From child abuse to a forlorn marriage and all that is in between. Iíve been truly blessed to have crossed your path in this world. My life has been completely made over since you entered it. I was headed for death. Literally.

          Pastor Uplifted
          I believe the Lord directed me to your pages today.
          I had a particularly low evening yesterday (Sunday). I was feeling that I had possibly out-lived my effectiveness here and was in a pretty deep funk.
          I have a wonderful ministry in an old established church, after 18 years of being a church planter. Satan just managed to get a fiery dart past my shield.
          Thanks for helping the Lord put it out.

          Writing Style
          You have so much passion in your writing.

          Deeply Moved
          I really feel the Lord has gifted you with a supernatural gift in writing. You are truly a scribe in this century.

          ĎBest Sellerí
          Your book is so powerful and inspiring to me. [If published] Iím sure it would be on the best seller list. Itís magnificent.

          (Condensed from several e-mails by the same woman.)
          I am so blessedly lucky to have found you as a friend and religious counselor! It is so strange being able to write about such intimately vital and intense things to someone whom one has never met, and yet, I feel as if I know you very well. You have given me a great gift in being so available and attentive to my plight Ė thank you with all my heart. I deeply appreciate you asking a prayer chain to pray for me. You are a great comfort to me. Thank you for everything, and for the priceless gift of friendship and caring that you give me.
          I have read part of your excerpt from your book, and am thrilled with it!
          You are, indeed inspired, your words are brilliant, and you know exactly the right parts of your book to send to me. Both your most recent messages to me are so applicable to me! I look forward to hearing from you a great deal. I do feel that the Lord has blessed me with getting to know you! Itís amazing how you have me pretty well figured out, in many ways, from just an electronic acquaintance!
          Your message is, indeed, inspiring, and has made the sun shine in my heart today. Thank you, and I really canít describe to you how wonderful it is to have a friend as caring and wise (and good ) as you. I thank God for you.
          On the Big Screen
          I had your web pages up on the BIG (30 feet square) screen for a while at the convention. There were 72,000 people there.

          Managing editor of a worldwide evangelistís newspaper and author of a several books
          I want to meet you one day if Iím ever in Australia or youíre ever in California! Itís not every day I run into a Christian who is so creative and so willing to be unconventional!

          Your latest report is really exciting. I think being involved in as diverse a ministry as yours, is challenging and at the same time portrays a versatility thatís not often recognized.

          Keep Writing!
          Thanks heaps! Please keep writing!!! Would be willing to stock any of your published works in our school library, please inform me of any such resources and how to get hold of them.

          The cutting edge of missionary endeavor?
From a world renowned missionary organization:
          I was so encouraged to see that you gave an easy English option in your site. So much of the Christian material I have looked at on the web is not really accessible to people who are learning English or who speak it as a second language.
          I have been rather disappointed, as I have spent many hours going round the web, of finding so many websites which are only aimed at Christians. So many Christian sites are just promoting their own organization to other Christians Ė fine, or giving devotion and helpful material Ė fine. But it has not seemed relevant or accessible to non-Christians. I guess the situation is rather like that of Christian books, where 99% are purely for Christians and not really accessible for non-Christians (unless perhaps they are really seeking).
          So it was so good to see what you are doing, and your realizing that easy-English is the way for the non-western world.
          The rapid growth in internet access in even the poorest countries has amazed us, as well as the access that many restricted access countries, such as the Middle East and China have, and we believe that this is an open door. It has also been highlighted, in THE TIMES (UK) newspaper, that web users in, for instance, Japan feel that their relative lack of English is hampering their full use of the web.
          Thanks again for your stimulating comments and ideas. You have certainly given us some things to think of. We will really value your fellowship.

          New Life
          You have changed my life.

          From New Zealand
          You have a powerful gift of building up and encouraging others.

          Bold Prediction
          Your ministry will be a big part in this last great revival.

          A Miracle?
          A woman had a powerful spiritual encounter in which she saw what looked like newspaper headings, which she read. About six weeks later she stumbled upon Net-Burst.Net for the first and again the Holy Spirit came upon her in as special way as she noticed that the words on the website were identical to what she had read in her vision (more).

To Christ Alone be all Praise!








Evangelistic Webpages

          From a young woman in the US
          This page will soften peopleís hearts towards serving the Lord.

           . . . Another thing that lead me to your web page is witchcraft. Something had been drawing me to it. I could not quit looking into it. I was thinking that even witches worshipped the same god as everyone else.
          Yesterday I went to a tarot reader looking for guidance. The woman read the cards and told me God wanted me to stop! I took this as a sign from God and went home and gathered all my books and things of witchcraft and went up in the woods. I put on my wifeís cross necklace and built a fire and burnt everything I had on witches. The whole time I was holding the cross and asking for forgiveness. When it was over, something led me to your web page. I have read these pages and found them wonderful. I have read the prayers, and asked the lord to come into my heart.

          A Jew
          Thank you very much for this page. I have been searching for the answers, and I think I have found them. I was raised a strictly Chassidic Jew, and after the Rebbe died, I have been left with quite an empty feeling. I thought G-d was not real, and that He had abandoned me. Now that I read about Jesus, and what He can do for me, I have decided to commit myself fully and totally to learning about Him. I will devote my life to that. Thank you so much. I would rather take the chance of either going to Heaven, and living with the L-rd, whom I have been serving since birth, or not going anywhere at all. I am not going to feel the eternal flames, Jesus will shield me from them. Thank you so much for this page.

          An Asian lawyer
          (Writing from an country with severe government restrictions on evangelism)
          Sharing the gospel or preaching the word is best done over the net. There are no restrictions, no approvals needed, no repercussions from the government etc. There so many reasons. God needs you to be his witness on the net!  . . . When you write the word of God and about him and his ways, you write with such authority and clarity etc. There is such a distinct and almost tangible anointing. Keep the wonderful work you are doing.

          A Hindu
          After reading your thoughts I must admit that you make a very compelling argument. Iíve discussed this matter with a number of friends (Christian and non-christian) and after reading your explanation it makes more sense to me.

          From near Byron Bay, Australia
          Hmm. Iím was not sure I wanted to do this . . . Iíve endeavored to keep any external links off my page. That was an integral part of my design philosophy.
          However, this seems pretty trivial when compared to eternal life, and I like the answers to difficult questions youíve provided . . .

          Reaching the unchurched
          ĎI have no formal religious background.í writes a 15 year old, ĎThe closest I have come to actual religious talks are with my Jehovah Witness friend and my Mormon friend, both of which ride my school bus.í
          ĎThis is my first genuine prayer [for salvation]. Please give me further support.
          ĎYour writings are excellent. Quite informative. I learned more than I had thought there was to learn.í

          From Kathy in the US
          Thank you for your eloquent defenses of difficult questions. Many of the issues you address are ones that I get confronted with frequently in my attempts to share the Gospel (and my web page provides plenty of opportunities).
          When answering misconceptions such as ďGod is too loving to send me to hell.Ē I really felt like I was stumbling along. Being a mother of three, I havenít had time to sit down and prepare a logical, eloquent response to that and other frequently made assertions that you directly address. I shall be using your site frequently.

          Likely winners in the ĎGuess my IQí competition
          From a Muslim:
          You are obviously a mindless idiot with no real education.
          The next day, from another yet-to-be-born-again visitor to my site:
          You seem to be a very intelligent person.

          From Canada
          Thank you for your most inspiring writings. There are some pretty excited people here in Perth Ontario Canada regarding your stats on the question ďChristianity is on the declineĒ.

          From California
          It is a thrill to find your site. Over the past two weeks I have found myself in several intense arguments with friends over their humanistic approach to life as opposed to my Christian base.
          I have found that having the ability to speak with confidence backed by my studies of works such as yours has put me in a position over and over of speaking out for the Lord. I am by no means as well versed as you but with the help of the Spirit I seem to be able to hold my ground. Thanks and keep up the good work. There are an amazing number of people who want to have someone of faith to get straight answers from.

          From Harvard University
          I was completely blown away by what youíve been doing. I am a sophomore psychology major at Harvard University, and Iíve been a Christian all my life. Yet you have covered topics that Iíve never really had answers to, and have tended to ignore, since the answers would have no effect on my faith. This year, though, Iíve been convicted that I need to know how to explain my faith to those who are not as easily convinced.
          Thanks so much for expanding Godís kingdom through this ministry.

          Atheist Impressed
          From someone awestruck by my site after only glancing at the contents that he just had to write
          I donít know how old you are, so youíll have to let me know. I am almost in the same shoes you are; I am an atheist, however. I do not fully know your entire religious beliefs, but I know that we share a common interest in criticizing the Christian faith. You have a truly excellent page. Have you really been published as much as you say you have? You have many many interesting ideas, I will try to start a bookmark page on my page and put your bookmark on it. If you are interested, my page is ___, but I donít have nearly as much as you do on religion yet.

          From an Afro-American Student
          The Holy Spirit is using Issues That Make Christians Squirm to get me ready for Internet apologetics for college students.
          I will be interceding for your anointed ministry, referring the unsaved here at the colleges to your site, and searching for more links for you here in the United States.

          Wow . . . Well done. Itís about time we started to see good apologetics on the web. A truly inspired way of catching peopleís attention.

          Through the roof!
          I have to tell you that I think your web site is outstanding! I am very impressed with both the presentation and the logic showed. I donít want to overstate it but I think it is presentations like this one that shatter the once successful attacks of those who seek to delogitimize God and his relationship with humanity.
          I donít know if you measure the volume of traffic on your page but Iím sure itís through the roof.

          Doubts cleared
          I just wanted to tell you that you have written an awesome page and it has helped to clear up a lot of my own doubts and made me more sure of what to tell people about what I believe. Praise God! He is using you in awesome ways.

To Christ Alone be all Praise!











E-mail Support

          You understand
          It has been so easy talking to you and pouring my soul out to you. You seem to understand how I feel inside and whatís going on in my head even before I tell you. You seem to understand womenís emotions more than any other man I know.

          A Malaysian man, after sharing some intimate secrets:
          Grantley, I shared this with you because . . .
          1) I know you are a man of God
          2) I feel comfortable with you
          3) Because you are far away and have no vested interest and cannot
               be effected by any other external factor, you would simply go on
               the facts, the brutal and naked truth
          4) I believe our meeting through the net is not by chance but
               by divine appointment
          5) Most important, God has spoken to me through you.

          From an on fire Afro-American student
          Was I blessed by your rapid reply and edifying words!

          The importance of e-mail support
          The following is from another Malaysian. The matter was so close to his heart that he raised it in 3 different e-mails:
          I canít talk to anyone here, not even my best friend in Church. Everyone thinks I have recovered from the shock of my Momís death.
          I canít tell anyone in Church and certainly no one in my Youth ministry of my doubt of Godís love. Iím supposed to be the leader in Church and a model Christian spiritually. Thatís sad isnít it? I feel like a hypocrite and Jesus hates hypocrite.
          Tears rush to my eyes as I was reading your E-mail. I am touched by yours and all the Christian brothers and sisters that have been praying for me though we have never met [our Prayer NET].
          Another e-mail:
          Other than my wife, I canít share this with anyone else Ė not my family members and not even a single person in my church. Everyone in church seems so busy and occupied with their own problem. I canít seem to find anyone to talk to. I am so ďwelcomedĒ and ďlook-up-toĒ in my Church yet I feel so lonely in there when I canít share my needs with anyone.

          Several Quotes from One Woman
          I have only read in part your e-mail and have already realized the gift you are to me from the Lord.
          You have allowed me to grow into a warmer and more loving person.
          Thanks for being here when I need you, it means a lot to me. You will probably never know until you get to heaven and receive your reward how you have impacted my life. Thank you.

          Support for People with Multiple Personalities
          Several Comments

To Christ Alone be all Praise!












The Book Waiting for Your Ministry

          I have been reading Grantleyís book. Wow! It really speaks to me in so many ways. I see such needs and potential all around me more than I had before.

          Laughed aloud
          Iíve just read your book, and it is wonderful!
          You are an accomplished and insightful author with a particular knack for the analogy. Not to mention your wit and sense of humor (which caused me to laugh aloud despite myself).

To Christ Alone be all Praise!












The Book In Tune with God

          ĎYou have changed my life!í

          Your book, In Tune with God has made a tremendously powerful impact on my life. (And Iíve only read the first two chapters so far!)
          This morning, our music minister broke out into ďHoly, Holy, HolyĒ. It never sounded so awesome before and Iím sure I can attribute it to your book.
          I have known for some time that God was drawing our music ministry closer and closer to true, intimate worship with Him, but your book has made worship more tangible. It now has a face and a form and I realize now, more than ever, how awesome worship music really can be. In Tune with God has challenged me to strive for new levels of songwriting, musicianship and personal worship. Thank you so much! You have changed my life!
          I can tell there is a powerful anointing on every paragraph that I have read so far. It is like this book was written by God Himself . . .

          Steve Lockridge,

          Asst. Prof. of Music, Spring Arbor College, Michigan, USA
          Subject: Your Online Music And Worship Book . . ..
          Please contact me when it is available for purchase. It should be required reading for my Church Music Course. Well done!!!

          Very sincerely,
          Brian D. Walrath,
          Asst. Prof. of Music
          Spring Arbor College

          The music director of possibly Australiaís largest church:
          Those two chapters . . .. are fantastic! Just what the Christian musician needs to hear. Iím captured again by the depth of your research and your engaging writing style. I will be tempted to make it mandatory reading for everyone in this church involved in the music ministry. It really is that good.
          Actually, I struggle to appraise your work because I try to avoid overstatement, yet what I feel about the book sounds overstated Ė it is excellent!
          All your work . . . will bear much fruit Ė Iím convinced of it!  . . . my impatience [to have the work published] . . . springs from two thoughts . . .
          * The great need for what you are saying to be read
          * The quite apparent top quality of your work.
          I can easily see forward to the time when the book will help reshape the attitudes and the ministry of the Australian musician.

          From Johannesburg, South Africa
          I have been moved, encouraged, uplifted and humbled by your web pages.
          The calling of a praise and worship musician is even more awesome than I thought. I have been playing praise and worship for many years and sometimes took this role lightly. Your reminders (from scripture) have helped me take up the slack. I have been truly blessed.
          Iíve often spoken at youth camps and musiciansí camps and did a considerable amount of research in preparation. Your book would have been ideal.
          I even sent a chapter to a friend in Durban (600 kms away) per fax, who passed it on to others.

          A leading pastor of one of Australiaís biggest churches
          Iím left awe struck at the end of this amazing chapter.

          Wow!!! What more can I say than Praise the Name of the Lord Jesus!!! Wow!!
          Thank you Grantley Morris!!! Thank you for pouring your sweat into this book! I have read about half of the book and so far every word ďrings trueĒ for me! I hope that all worshipping hearts everywhere will get a chance to taste at least some of the morsels in this tremendous work!!!
          Thank you for your frankness, your honesty in sharing your opinions, your willingness to share your heartfelt beliefs!!
          I have been involved, on and off, in worship for 20+ years and frankly much of that time have been quite frustrated with the compromise, lack of seriousness, lack of personal Holiness, etc. I hope that this tremendous Trumpet Blast (this book) will be heard round the earth by all of His Worshippers and that His people will humble themselves, repent and return and Worship His Holy Name!!!!







To Christ Alone be all Praise!

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